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Boston International College

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Located in the heart of Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal, Boston International College aims to be a hub of quality Management Studies providers in Nepal. It is centrally located which helps every student reach easily the academic institution. It has been updated with fine modern educational infrastructures along with highly skilled and experienced teaching staff providing excellent management classes in the country. Boston International has been running Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) four years degree and Bachelor in Business Administration-Banking Insurance (BBA-BI) four years degree both under Pokhara University in a learning environment to provide quality education to the students and make them highly qualified business professionals shortly. Boston International  prioritizes practical teaching methods and emphasizes field and project works, case studies, surveys, workshops and seminars, internships and training, and regular practical tours. It also offers meritorious scholarships to deserving students as per the rules and regulations of the university.

Since its establishment, It has been running Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) for four years of degree, and Bachelors of Business Administration-Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) for four years of degree under Pokhara University. The College classes are run by highly skilled and knowledgeable teaching staff with an excellent form of teaching quality.


The target of Boston International College is to generate management professionals who make a difference in the State.


Why Boston International College

Boston International College is chosen by a lot of students due to various reasons:

  • It is centrally located and is run by highly professional teaching staffs in the friendly learning environment.
  • It has well-computerized library which facilitates digital and E-library.
  • Boston International also runs multimedia classes.
  • It prioritizes practical teaching methods and emphasizes field and project works, case studies, surveys, workshops and seminars, internships and training, and regular practical tours
  • Boston Global provides meritorious scholarships for those deserving.

Scholarships at Boston International College

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Extra Information

Admission Procedure of Boston International College

The college will issue a notice inviting applications for acknowledgment publicly. Applicants can get application forms and information brochures upon request. After filling up the application form the eligible applicants must take the entrance exam on the date and time confirmed by the institution. Before the final approval for recognition, the candidates have to go through the interview held by the Boston International College.

Admission Requirements

The interested candidate applying for the concession in Boston International College must have +2 level or equivalent certificates which include an original transcript and migration certificate of the academic institute previously attended, character certificate, four passport-size photos of the applicant along with the detailed filled acceptance application form. The candidates must pay the bill of Rs. 1000 for the admission application form.

The various programs at Boston International College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA at Boston International College is designed to promote and prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in the areas of business and management. To know about this college you can apply for further details.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

Bachelor of Computer Information System