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Bridgewater International College

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Bridgewater International College was established under the Bridgewater Education Foundation and Research Center. The college was established to help every pupil become successful through the productivity and efficiency of the members of the faculty and academicians of this college. It imparts education of the highest standard by allowing a positive environment and lucrative opportunities for its students. Bridgewater International College runs +2 and Bachelor levels. In +2, there are Science, Management, Law, and Humanities faculties.

Bridgewater International provides intermediate studies of different streams under its wing. The Governmental Examination Board of Nepal has approved its programs in Nepal as it strives to create a new dimension in academic programs.


The infrastructure of Bridgewater International College also meets to provide rigorous academic programs. Bridgewater International has:

  • Spacious and Accommodating Seminar Halls,
  • Classroom,
  • Biology,
  • Chemistry Lab,
  • Computer & Physics Lab,
  • Library,
  • Cafeteria,
  • In-house Futsal Ground.

The various programs at Bridgewater College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

This is a two year intermediate program about fundamentals of constitutional law, legal framework, regulatory bodies, and fundamental rights of human beings. It helps to pave a career as lawyer, judge, magistrate, mediator, legal advisor in corporate industries.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

A Level

+2 Science

Itis a two years revised academic program for intermediates. It provides knowledge of basic backgrounds and knowledge of Science and technology to pave a path for study in medical, Engineering, Information Technology, Environmental fields and eventually lead towards a successful career in the future.

+2 Humanities

Bridge water International College also run two years program in humanities. This course provides overall knowledge of arts, language, culture, demographics, social development, and Mass Communication. Students of this program with a degree can land a career in social work and work for social sectors, mass media, and philanthropy.

+2 Management

It is a two years intermediate program in Management. It paves a path for future Managers, leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs of small and large business enterprises of public, private, Non-Government and International Non-Governmental organizations.