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BrookField International College was established with active support from experienced teachers and business personnel from different sectors with a solo aim of providing quality education to the students. This campus is popularly known as BIC. BrookField International College a leading institution in Nepal consists of a good management and dedicated staff members which helps to maintain healthy environment around the Institute premises for the betterment of students.

BrookField International College has set a trademark in education sector of Nepal since its establishment. The main reason for the popularity of this campus is due to its successful finalist who are in high position at various organizations and industry. BIC is a preeminent academic platform to explore and nurture student's personal and professional skills. BrookField promoters and teaching staff are entrenched scholars and they are proficient in their respective faculties.

Time is a never stopping mechanism and educational practices is always changing with respect to it, so BIC staffs promises to bend the teaching mythologies to meet the global demand and standards in education. BrookField International College sees itself as the leading institution in producing professionals to meet requirements across diverse fields. The teaching practice at Brookfield International College is based on practical learning principles. Students at BIC not only enjoy its smooth and serene atmosphere but will also appreciate the ambience of academics and other extracurricular activities that play a crucial role in building up their personality. BrookField International Campus is the best institution for those individuals who are looking for their all-round development.

Curently this institution offers intermediate course in Science, Management, Humanities and Bachelor level course in Bachelor of Business AStudies(BBS).


  • To provide quality education to produce top class graduates.
  • To provide scholar with practical education.
  • To provide students with better environment for reading and writing.
  • To make students familiar with modern world and the technological development which is taking place at real time.
  • To nurture students potential.

Scholarships at Brookfield International College

BrookFieldd International College provides wide range of Learning. Scholarship is given under two categories:

Merit based Scholarship:

Students are provided with this scholarship after observing their performance in SLC and other certificates obtained by the each individuals during their schooling level.

Need based Scholarship:

BrookField International College provides this scholarship only to poor individuals who are intelligent.  Remote and Martyrs children can also apply for the Scholarship under this category.

The various programs at Brookfield International College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Study the most popular and affordable course in the area of business at Brookfield Interbational College. We have assembled a simple overview of BBS qualifications and other details for applying in our College.

Ongoing Admission
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