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CSIT refers to Computer Science and Information Technology, this course is an undergraduate bachelor degree program. This course is a four year course which promotes the individual to gain all type of knowledge in the field of Information technology and Computing. CSIT consists of practical learning and project works that helps the students to develop their skills for the real world.

Students usually want to know about the question that came from the previous batches. Old Question helps the students to practice and make them perfect for the upcoming questions. Old Questions brought up here are from the previous batches of all semesters and of all colleges where CSIT courses are taught. There are colleges in Nepal where students only give exams besides going to college to study. These students prepare themselves by practicing the old questions so this page will be more fruitful for these students.

Now a days, students need to be guided and supported in their learning and they want to get all the knowledge for their educations and questions related to their subjects. Here, we provide you the collection of question related to CIST.As the demand of IT and its scope is increasing, students are showing much interest in IT. Most of the college now has been running IT Course. As per the research, many Students are found searching B.Sc.CSIT questions. Old questions are collected so that students can predict the frequent questions asked in the examination. Students can prepare according to the question patterns even when they are not provided clear model of questions from their colleges. 

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