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BST College - Bishnumati Higher Secondary School

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Bishnumati Higher Secondary College was established in 2059 B.S. by a group of experienced and passionate teachers as a successful outcome of Bishnumati Higher Secondary College, which was founded in 2048 B.S. At present, the BST offers plus two courses and a bachelor's-level program under the supervision of the National Examination Board and Tribhuvan University, respectively. Bishnumati Higher Secondary College aims to satisfy the academic thrust of the students seeking quality education that comprises the right values, diverse skills, adaptability, and understanding of miscellaneous cultures. The principles of tolerance and co-existence, along with in-depth knowledge of career-oriented courses required to cope with the challenges of professional advancement in a plural society,.


  • To provide quality education at a moderate fee in the particular fields of science and technology, management, and the humanities.
  • To strengthen intellectual growth by spanning the gap between theory and practice and widening the horizon of knowledge.

Why Bishnumati HSS ?

Bishnumati Higher Secondary College has been imparting education programs constantly for a long period of time. Bishnumati Higher Secondary has been continuing value-based education since its inception. Bishnumati Higher College mainly focuses on providing international education reared and cared for in oriental culture so that the students are competent to successfully lead their lives in any cultural environment, adding value to the culture in which they work. The quality of education at Bishnumati Higher Secondary is undoubtedly the best. comfortable class rooms, labs, experienced and qualified teaching faculties, and a supportive management team. Bishnumati Higher Secondary leaves no stone unturned in determining the academic and behavioral personality.


The facilities offered by Bishnumati Higher Secondary College for students are as follows:

Science Lab:

As per the requirements of a modern institution, BST has managed well-equipped, separate labs for physics, chemistry, and biology to perform various experimental processes related to the study.

Computer Lab:

This generation will do much of their research on the internet and most of their project work and essays on a computer. They learn a variety of computer skills in our well-equipped computer lab. Hence, BST has established a well-facilitated computer lab with a reliable networking system and internet facilities.

Hotel Management Lab:

To hold the practical classes of hotel management courses, the BST has built a well-equipped kitchen and a guest room in the college premises for hotel management practicals.


It has an updated reference library. They can enjoy prescribed textbooks, sufficient reference materials, very recent but relevant periodicals, magazines, newspapers, and different publications to meet the growing demand.


A good hygienic canteen is managed on its premises, where they can have a variety of fresh, nutritious, hygienic, and delicious dishes served at an affordable cost.

Auditorium Hall:

There is an open auditorium hall with a capacity of more than 200 people for organizing discussions, meetings, seminars, and other curricular activities in BST.

Transportation Facilities:

The students here in this institute around the valley are facilitated with transportation facilities and beyond when required.

Games and Sports:

For all-around career development, academic or bookish knowledge is insufficient. Thus, students at this institution can participate in indoor and outdoor games such as basketball, football, chess, table tennis, and so on. Special training opportunities are given to the selected and promising players for participating in the tournament. Furthermore, the student can take part in other creative, cultural, and educational activities (programmed) like quiz contests, debates, creative writing essay competitions, etc. Besides, frequent excursions are organized to visit places of archeological and historical interest in and around Kathmandu.

The various programs at Bishnumati HSS are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business studies is a four year degree program conducted by Tribhuvan University, faculty of Management. The course was designed by considering the fact that graduates will have to live in very challenging and competitive environment onwards. Students willing to apply for BBS program must have successfully completed the plus two(10+2) in business/ commerce or an equivalent course from a HSEB (Higher Secondary School Board) or from Tribhuvan University(TU) or from other University recognized by T.U

+2 Science

This program in BST College is offered under NEB. It is a two-year academic discipline, ideal for students willing to build a career in the area of science and technology. The program covers subjects such as Mathematics, Nepali, Chemistry, Physics and Biology among others. A student with SEE degree is eligible to apply for this program in Bishnumati Higher Secondary School.

+2 Management

The two-year program offered under the National Examination Board (NEB) is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in management studies. It is a stepping stone for higher level education in the field of Management. Students pursuing this program should study subjects such as accounting, English, Economics and others.

+2 Humanities