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BSW Colleges in Biratnagar

In Biratnagar the area of social work for students who have received a formal University education is significant. It has already had workers like Saroj Niraula, Shobha Limbu, Basanta Adhikari, and Durga Ghimire who have received accolades and awards for their genuine and sincere social contributions. There is a popular College in Biratnagar for studying Bachelor and Master programs in Social Work to produce like-minded people in the humanitarian field.

The College offering BSW in Biratnagar

Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus

Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus was established in 2041 and is affiliated with Puwithanchal University. The Bachelor of Social Work program is of three years and has been approved by The University Grants Commissions also. This College has affordable fees and facilities that area are rounded for students such as library, cafeteria, and science lab, and also offers counseling and education tours. Besides BSW, Janata Adarsha Multiple Campus also started Master in Social Work program from Pushpalal chowk, Biratnagar Morang.

Top Jobs and salaries in the BSW program

  • Activity leader: Rs 49500 per m.
  • Community service Manager: Rs 87000 per m.
  • Education Planning Specialist: Rs 90783
  • Foundation Assistant: Rs 37500 per m.
  • Foundation Director: Rs 119000 per m.

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