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Butwal Model College

Contact Information

Phone: 01-071-429193 | Email: [email protected]

Butwal Model College is in Padsari 8, Kataiya Rupendehi. It provides high-quality education through its academic programs, such as the BBA, BHM, and Masters in Popular Gender and Development programs affiliated with Pokhara University. Butwal Model, a coeducational institute, is a joint chain of New Horizon College and Kathmandu Model College. Butwal Model has proper infrastructure and has already published successful graduates and post-graduates who are working in the professional field of business and hotel management services in Nepal.

Why BMC ?

Butwal Model College stands out as one of the top colleges in Butwal due to various reasons:

  • Classroom Lectures,
  • Practical Training,
  • Educational Events,
  • Internal and External Assessment and Evaluation,
  • Audio Visual Multimedia Classrooms,
  • Morning and Day Shifts,
  • Orientation Program for Freshers,
  • Entrance Exams and Form Distribution Reminders,
  • Constant Gauging of Student Progress and Feedback,
  • Up-to-date Curriculum.


The facilties offered by Butwal Model College are:

  • Library with books and reference materials
  • Counseling
  • Science lab
  • Cafeteria
  • Conference room
  • Multimedia
  • Scholarship 

The various programs at BMC are as follows:

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

Certificate Level in Medical Laboratory Technology