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Camad College is affiliated with Pokhara University. It has been running its educational program in Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor in Development Studies (BDS). It is located at Sukedhara, Kathmandu. It has been delivering sound and innovative business education to the student through highly professional skilled teaching staff and modern educational amenities since its establishment. Camad College offers an opening for learners to use its network to explore their future careers. Here in Camad, every student undergoes training focused on developing their communication, presentation skills, and leadership qualities. The college believes that every single student has a special talent within them.

The Camad provides every possible help to our students honoring their abilities to gain higher academic qualifications and achieve their career ambitions in a promising powerful and safe learning environment. CAMAD stands for Creativity(C), Achievements(A), Moral Values(M) Action Orientation (A,) and Development(D), the college believes that students will find all these things as its name speaks for itself.

Camad works in this direction so that it can provide a learning environment that motivates students to achieve professional excellence with student-centered teaching and learning approach. It also offers extra-curricular activities significant to students’ academic courses to establish a direct link with teal world circumstances.

The college offers Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) a semesterwise and Bachelors in Development Studies (BDevS) programs.


The facilities provided by Camad College are as follows:

  • Camad has modern required educational facilities such as well managed library and computer labs with internet facilities. It also offers several extracurricular activities so that the learners can participate and refresh themselves.
  • The Camad provides special counseling and coaching facilities to extend equal opportunities to learners from socially and economically deprived backgrounds so that they can stand out in their pursuit of gaining higher education.
  • Camad provides an opportunity to participate in training and research activities which will help them encourage developing a sense of shared responsibility and team spirit. Also, the students are introduced to social services at the public level which will help them develop a link with the community.
  • Camad offers an internship program for all students with several institutions for practical experience to acquaint students with real-life situationss. It also offers job placement facilities when the students reach the final year of their course.
  • Camad evaluates its student’s performance through class quizzes, home tasks, group assignments, terminal exams, and tests, etc.

Why Camad College

Camad College stands out on top among other colleges due to various reasons:

  • Camad College has adopted the “State-of-Art” teaching methodologies which will develop the learner's skills and attitudes for active listening, analyzing, holistic thinking,g and effective participating. It also gives priority to practical programs like case studies, seminars, field visits, individual and group tasks, etc.
  • The courses are run by highly experienced and skilled teaching staffs in a perfect learning environment.

Scholarships at Camad College

The Camad has scholarship programs for that needy and deserving students and also few semester toppers will receive scholarships too. The scholarship is provided through “Ganesh Man Singh Memorial Scholarship Fund”.

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Extra Information

Admission Procedure at CAMAD

For the admission procedure at CAMAD college, interested candidates who have completed their intermediate (+2) level or equivalent level can visit the college with all the required documents and get information about the admission process.

Scholarships at Camad College

The Camad has scholarship programs for that needy and deserving students and also few semester toppers will receive scholarships too. The scholarship is provided through “Ganesh Man Singh Memorial Scholarship Fund”.

The various programs at Camad College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

If you want to be highly qualified with wide-ranging knowledge which is both theoretical as well as practical and also by developing individuals in advance technique in decision making capability, then Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) in Camad College is the right choice for you. For more information browse the link.

Bachelor of Development Studies

Camad College offers students BA in Development Studies which desires students to present a skillful and favorable academic preference which can be profitable in both governmental as well as NGO's field. Click the link to acquire all the details you want.