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Camellia College of Management

Contact Information

Phone: 01-4278303 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Camellia College of Management is a private institution in Kalimati, Kathmandu which was established in 1990. The motto of Camellia College of Management is achieving academic excellence for the advancement of knowledge with modern technology for a competitive output which is life challenging. It encourages candidates for their betterment and upliftment and has national and international institution linkages for higher education. Camellia College is in a peaceful environment in Kalimati, Kathmandu. Students witness a variety of activities during their learning period which extend off classrooms in open talent contest platforms also.

Principal Message

Welcome to Camellia College of Management. We are at Kuleshwar Ward Number 14 of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. We strive to make our students active participants in academic and community life. We are a premier educational institute providing quality education. Our institution has study focused environment with a range of extracurricular activities for personality development. You are in our best possible hands and we focus on our students no matter what we do. Looking forward to seeing you in Camellia College of Management for your higher education which we offer at our +2 program in Management.

Prof Dr. Achyutmani Pokharel,


Why CCM ?

These are the reasons to choose Camellia College of Management:

  • Peaceful Environment
  • Learning beyond Classrooms
  • Meets Requirements to cope with 21st Century challenges
  • Full-time and Visiting Professors and Lecturers
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Experienced and Dedicated Professional Faculty Members
  • Guidance and Support for Students 

Scholarships at CCM

Scholarships at Camellia College of Management are provided to needful and outstanding students in academic performance and who are talented. 


The facilities offered by Camellia College of Management are:

  • Transportation
  • Library with books and reference materials
  • Science labs
  • Counseling
  • Conference room
  • Parking
  • Educational excursion

The various programs at CCM are as follows:

+2 Management