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Campion Academy

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Since 1995, (CA) Campion Academy, has been a frontrunner center for 10 +2 programs in different streams and GCE-A levels in affiliation with Cambridge University in Nepal. To accomplish Campion Academy's educational goals, from then to now it is committed to its motto “Education par Excellence".

Why Campion ?

Students from different regions of Nepal are warmly welcomed at Campion Academy with a friendly environment. Campion includes a wide range of teaching-learning approaches with a designed curriculum that can address the individual student. Educational management, pedagogy, and education, social-emotional well-being, creativity, curiosity including all interdisciplinary approaches are focused here within teacher-student and college administration.

Teachers are responsible to provide a clear explanation and suitable interpretation as per the course content rather than just a lesson delivery in every class. Students are emphasized to set a goal to attend well in every subject. Scholarships are available on the different talent basis of students. You can visit college premises before your admission to get a broad knowledge of its goals, achievements, and activities.

Scholarships at Campion

The criteria of scholarship in Campion Academy is determined on the basis of SEE results along with character and transfer certificate.


The facilities at Campion Academy include:

  • Extension activities as sports talent competition
  • Teachers' Motivational and Refreshment program
  • Virtual Competition programs, speeches, quizzes, and other literary programs
  • Various Webinars During Pandemic situation
  • Blood Donation programs are eventually organized for the active participation of the student to build their self-confidence, and to make them self-disciplined and self-reliant, independent, and adaptable in every situation.
  • The triangular relationship of teacher, parents, and students facilitates effective learning

What we learn shows the quality of learning. That's why Campion Academy concentrated on project learning, leadership training, career counseling talks, motivational speeches, guidance, and extracurricular activities to prepare students for international world value education.

Additional Information

Campion Academy poses an attractive building with eco-friendly surroundings and it is situated next to Patan Hospital, Lalitpur. Mainly ten plus two (10+2) courses and GCE-A level is focused here.

Individual students are a gem with different talents and as per their talent, they need perfect guidance and a proper nurturing environment. Campion Academy always welcomes learners with a great range of learning and also invites you all to be a part of Campion.

Heading towards a productive future you will not regret choosing Campion Academy.

The various programs at Campion are as follows:

GCE A Level Science

A-Level gives a broad understanding of subjects for the international market but not much in detailed form. If you want to get more and broader knowledge of subjects A- level could be a better option for you. Science and non- science two courses of A-level are used in teaching pedagogy here. Non-science subjects include General paper, Accounting, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Business studies. Entrance exams for the new enrollment are conducted every year. Questions from Mathematics, Science, and English from grade 10 are most probable to be asked in entrance examination. Students have to perform best for entrance examination and interview before publishing the merit list for scholarship schemes provided here. Individual students must have completed SEE or equivalent examination for the enrollment of A-level on Campion Academy. On the basis of SEE results along with character and transfer certificate; the criteria of scholarship is determined.

+2 Management

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Law