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Campion College

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Campion College was established in 1997 and is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. It is located in Kupondole, Lalitpur. CG Manipal Group is managing this college. Campion aims to develop the career of the student in the field of business management. It has been continuously providing top-class education in a high-quality learning environment. Campion College has over 60 years of experience in providing quality education to their student. This is perhaps the dedication of the Manipal group in the education area. Manipal Group is providing education to students from over 20 countries around the world. It has gathered 50 nationalities of students. This group runs two Universities, four campuses, and Twenty Institutions of higher education all over 180 courses. There are more than 12,000 students every year. This group also runs Manipal Medical College at Pokhara in Nepal.

Campion provides both undergraduate and graduate courses. Bachelor in Arts in Humanities and Social Science, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor in Business Studies are the programs available in undergraduate courses. Master of Arts (MA) in English, MA (Master in Arts) in Rural Development, Masters of Arts (MA) in Sociology/Anthropology, and Master of Business Studies (MBS) is the available course available for graduate courses. BBA is 4 years and other undergraduate courses of 3 years. All the graduate courses are for two years.

Why Campion College ?

Campion College seeks to provide the best academic standards by ensuring to provide a high-quality learning environment. The teachers are highly professional and are handpicked after rounds of selection and discussion with board members so that the college gets experienced staff. The teacher is also selected based on their knowledge, teaching strength, confidence, and open minds. The confident teacher always helps in providing more knowledge to the student simply and effectively.

Scholarships at Campion College

Appropriate scholarships are provided for the deserving student at Campion College. Scholarships include outstanding merit scholarships, high merit scholarships, merit scholarships, underprivileged scholarships, and local and out of valley scholarships along with it students are also provided scholarships in the second year by reviewing the performance of the first year. Scholarship facility helps students of the lower class families to gain experience in standard studies


Campion College provides every kind of facility to students to maintain high-quality education. It provides ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) enabled classrooms, computer and science laboratories, sports and co-curricular activities, and transport facilities.

Campion College also trains students in other areas like personality development, cv presentation, job interviews, public speaking, etc. Campion College frequently takes their students on industrial visit so that they can feel and experience a real-time working environment. It has created a Campion club through which they facilitate all kinds of indoor and outdoor games for their students. Campion College also supports the Campion Student Council which is the non-political unit of the college where leadership calibered students are elected. During the last year of bachelor's and after completion of the bachelor's degree, Campion College also facilitates students in doing internships and even in some cases provides job placement to their students.

The various programs at Campion College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) is one of the popular courses among the students. This course increases your business and marketing ability and provides you the opportunity to gain knowledge in accounting, financing and banking sectors. Study this program at Campion College with good management and many other concerned facilities. Click the given link to know the further information. 

Bachelor of Business Studies

Looking forward to studying affordable and demanding course? Campion College offers you Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) with best academic standards and provides a strong emphasis on discipline and holistic education. Browse the given link to know the various criteria concerned with the students.

Bachelor of Arts

Are you wishing to undertake degree studies across the programs and disciplines in humanities and social science? Then, Bachelor of Arts is specifically tailored with an objective to advance student's skills in teaching and related subject matters in every kind of enterprises professionally. Know how to apply for this course at Campion College.

Master of Business Studies

MA - Master of Arts

Join Campion college for Master of Arts which is designed to indulge the need for advanced study at the graduate level by any level of high school teachers and is built upon the model of the teacher as a Competent professional educator.Get feedback from the students from our college.

Bachelor of Social Work

Master of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology