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Capital College and Research Center (CCRC) was established in 2001 A.D. to aid in the field of education. Since then, CCRC has produced excellent results at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. CCRC has gained more popularity in the field of sports as it has produced the number one team in cricket. Also, basketball has aided more in the success of its sports.

Faculty Members of the CCRC

Experienced, motivated, dedicated, and talented faculty members have played a vital role in the success of this college. CCRC only selects staff members through a process selection period during which teachers are tested to see if they can fulfill the criteria that the college has set to be successful.

Capital College and Research Center (CCRC) offers an intermediate level in science, humanities, and management. Also provides a bachelor program in BBS.


The Capital College and Research Center (CCRC) provides all the required infrastructural facilities. Libraries with textbooks, journals, research materials, and magazines are available. A science laboratory with fully equipped technological instruments is provided. Computer labs are upgraded to the latest configurations. Sports facilities include basketball, football, cricket, table tennis, and badminton. Students are also able to join the college hostel, with every facility provided. The Capital College and Research Center canteen is available with hygienic food. CCRC also provides transportation facilities for students residing around the Kathmandu Valley. Internal assessments are divided into first-term, second-term, and send-up examinations that regularly monitor the progress of the students and help to generate confidence in appearing for the board examinations.


Scholarships at CCRC

Scholarship at Capital College and Research Center (CCRC) starts for the student securing a minimum percentage of 70. A higher percentage helps in getting more percentage of scholarships. SLC topper, District topper, and Entrance Exam topper are rewarded with a hundred percent of scholarship. Financial aid is provided to the needy and deserving students.

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Admission Procedures at CCRC

Students can fill out an online registration form or directly contact the college to receive the form. Candidates trying to get admission to Plus Two Science have to secure a minimum of 60% in the SLC examination. Candidates with a minimum of 50% secured are eligible to join Management and Humanities. For a Bachelor in Business Studies, candidates are required to secure at least a second division in any of the streams. After students pass the entrance exam, they are called up for an interview with their parents. After passing the entrance and interview, they are eligible for further admission.

The various programs at CCRC are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Capital College and Research Center(CCRC) offers Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) that has been designed to develop a wide range of business knowledge, skills and attitudes, leading to employment, entrepreneurship or other specialized studies. BBS program in CCRC  provides students in understanding the modern business operation and equip then with the necessary keys. Click the Link, to know more about how CCRC holds in BBS program. 

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Management