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    Content Writing

    If you have good writing skills then it is a job you can apply for. With the increasing trend of developing websites there is a need of writing good content in the website. Thus, content writers are in high demand with an opportunity to work from home as well. Good writers demand 1 to 2 rupee per word for writing articles.

    Data Entry

    Data Entry is the most common and popular part-time job among the students as it doesn’t require sophisticated technical skills. Everybody with basic computer skills can start this job. Students will earn 8k to 10k per month on a part time basis.

    Freelancing as Programmer, Web Designer

    Nowadays, 80% of our work is done online by freelancers who work from home. Students can do freelancing jobs in animation, programming, web and graphic designing. Experienced freelancers can earn more than 50k per month in average.

    Video Editor

    Video editing is also a popular part time job among the youngsters. The job of a video editor is to convert a raw footage into a final video. Freelancer normally demands 10k for a 5 to 10 minutes video.

    Digital marketing

    With the increasing craze of internet and social media, the trend of Digital Marketing is broadening. Students can easily promote brands, products and services through social media from home. They just need an internet and a computer. Students can easily earn 10k to 15k per month on a part time mode.


    Many schools hire part-time teachers so, students can apply for such posts. Along with that students can also hunt for tuition for lower grades. This can be a perfect way to earn while you’re studying. You can earn in between 10k to 15k monthly working 3 to 4 hours daily.


    Television anchor and Radio anchor along with modeling is a suitable part-time job for interested students. It will enhance the communication and public speaking skills. Models can earn upto 10k for a single video shoot within a day or two.