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    I believe the impact of politics in education comes positively this time because previously, scenario was worst in the country. When any election comes, all students used to miss the class and dedicate entirely in election but the perception of student has changed. Now students are aware about their academics rather than the election only, and it’s really a positive trend of them. But in flip part they need to understand the scenario of the country’s politics and make their positive participation in politics. This will bring further positive impact on development.

    Prof, Dr. Pradip Bahadur Neupane

    Tri-Chandra Multiple Campus  


    If we see from positive angle, politics affects positively in education.  Youths are the biggest prospect of development of change so I believe when political knowledge germinates in them, country will follow the path of proportional development.  Education is the gateway of prosperity so, until and unless, we should try to give best to education through politics.

    Nirmala Kumari Suwal


    Ratna Rajjya Campus


    There are both positive and negative of politics in education. If politics used as a tool to address the challenges in education sector through the youth voice then it’s very much healthy. But we can see some bad trends of using politics negatively in the entire sector, so it comes in same way in education too. I believe that, political educationis primary need of us. We all need to contribute from our side to make good impact of politics in education.

    Prof. Dr. Madhav Pd.  Gautam

    Patan Multiple Campus


    Students voice: Impacts of politics in education


    In the present context of Nepal, students must be familiar with the ongoing changes in the political scenario. However, school students should be kept far from politics. Whereas college students may participate in the political events. yes, most of us think that if students get involved in politics, wont it harm their studies? Politics helps students to groom enhances their leadership ability. Politics motivates students for making critical analysis of issues. Politics is not only about making arguments regarding political parties, it’s about making impactful influences in the society.

    Kopila Deuja

    BSC fourth Year

    Tri Chandra Multiple Campus


    To make a better country for future generation political knowledge is very important to youths. Politics these days is not marching in positive direction but to direct it youth should be in politics but not  by harming their academics. If students are aware about the career and politics less impact may be seen in education. I guess it’s entirely depends upon the student how he reacts into the political scenario.  And its high time that the intellectual minds of students must focus on the future roadmap of Nepal. Let’s rise!

    Archana Ghimire

    BSC fourth year

    Patan Multiple Campus


    Wish I could applaud our government for its positive influence, but its negative impacts fill my mind. Riots down the street every day, clearly shows how unstable our political condition is and owing to this, the educational sector of the nation is adversely affected.

    Students are the most vulnerable group to the harsh political wind blowing throughout the nation where academic calendar seems to shorten every year as Bandha leaves the classrooms empty.

    When students divide into unions under the political influences, hundreds of dreams are crushed with delayed exams where talent is overshadowed by the so called "kith and kin policy". The political leaders condemn the education system in every speech they deliver: but do they really don't know who the real culprits are? 

    Education is not just a word to be used to make those manifestos promising, but a foundation of a nation change where every individual works for a shared aim; the nations development. 

    Politics has turned to be very toxic for our education system. It's high time we question ourselves " Those faces covered by a mask of they really care? " 

    Sabigya Pant

    +2 level

    Ace Institute of Management