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    Nepali people love momos; they can eat it anytime, anywhere. Certainly momo hub is not a new business in town. But even with the risk of being just one of the many momo hubs in town, Niven Amatya started Bota. And it won’t be wrong to say that Bota has now become a brand.

    As the saying goes, “Think globally, act locally”, Amatya blended Newari culture with global business strategy and came up with Bota. Much like KFC, McDonalds and TacoBell in the West, Bota has become one of the favorite chain-food joints for the youngsters here in Nepal and that too in a short span of time. And the undeniably delicious momos are actually served in a bota (a bowl made of dried leaves) giving it a traditional touch.

    We can see momo hubs at every corner of the city but what is it that makes Bota different from others? Bota is a heaven for the foodies who want to taste something new every time. Steam momos, fried momos, jhol momos, open momos; you name it and Bota offers you all with different stuffing that are all equally delicious.

    In addition to that, Bota also serves its new edition, Sandheko momo and jumbo momo at all of its joints. It has become one of the prominent dishes at Bota. And the variety of sauces offered upgrades the taste of those momos even more.

    “We are already providing lots of dishes but other than adding varieties of dishes, we are also committed to make our existing dishes better and exciting to the momo lovers.”
    Bota’s clean environment, nice ambience, high quality food and the idea itself has attracted a good number of customers over the time.

    Founder Amatya gives the credit to the quality food they offer, the Nepaliness customer can relate to and the hard work of its dedicated team. “I remember the initial phase of Bota when it wasn’t getting nice reviews. The crowd was more than what we had expected and were unable to cater the customers. They were many problems but we gradually overcame them,” Amatya recalls.

    As a message to all the aspiring young entrepreneurs, Amatya says, “Be ambitious. You decide how you want to live your life. Try to create job opportunities rather than to search for it. No idea is small if you work on it. Don’t just dream, make it a reality. Push yourself to your limits and grow out of it.”