Central Department of Mathematics

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Phone: 01-4331977 | Email: info@cdmathtu.edu.np/ | Website: http://www.cdmathtu.edu.np/

The Tribhuvan University Central Department of Mathematics is under the Institute of Science and Technology. It was established in 1959 and offers MA, MSc, and MPhil programs in mathematics. The postgraduates have not only been able to achieve excellent academic performance but have also worked in other academic and government organizations. Apart from the 16 faculty members, there are also part-time teaching assistants in the Central Department of Mathematics. It has also actively conducted research and conferences, such as the Third International Conference on Application of Mathematics in Non-Linear Sciences in 2023 (April 11). Likewise, a seminar or workshop for an international workshop in computational mathematics.

Why CDM ?

Here are reasons to study at Central department of Mathematics T.U.:

  • Strong academic foundation.
  • Critical thinking,and prepare diverse career paths in Mathematics.
  • Oldest department in Science education of Nepal.
  • Research, seminar and workshops in application of mathematical knowledge to solve other issues.

Scholarships at CDM

Scholarships are offered to outstanding students based on their entrance and academic performance during the study period. It also has international scholarship exchanges through DAAD, the Colombo Plan, Erasmus Mund, the Humbolt Foundation, and Nepalese scholars in mathematics foundations.


The facilities at Central Department of Mathematics are:

  • Classrooms
  • Department library
  • Internet connection
  • Seminar, research and conferences
  • international scholarship exchange
  • Auditoirum/Conference
  • Banking service
  • Cafeteria

The various programs at CDM are as follows:

MSc in Mathematics

MEd in Mathematics

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