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Chaitanya Institute of Management

Chaitanya Institute of Management

Academic Programs

  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering for Diploma Holders
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Bachelor of Civil And Rural Engineering
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • M.Sc.Interdisciplinary water resource management
  • M.Sc. Natural Resources Management
  • M.Sc. Construction Management
  • M.Sc. Transportation Engineering and Management

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Chaitanya Institute of Management (CIM) was established with a vision of providing quality academic training through high standard research and training approaches. This Institute also focuses on how to provide next generation students a different perspective of life through technique and skills that will help them to contribute in this society.

Chaitanya Institute of Management  is located at the busy hub in Kathmandu; New Baneswore (Shankamul).This is the best location for students to get public transportation from every corner of the city.

The main objective of our institute is to develop human resource for the country through individual development and research activities.Our mission is to create manpower that can compete in the competitive society easily.

Academic Programs at Chataniya Institute Of Management

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Interested in joining BE-Civil in Chaitanya Institute of management?To get information and details about fee structure, admission process, career opportunity, and other information then click the link.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering for Diploma Holders

If you are a Diploma Holders and interested in BE-Civil then Chaitanya Institute of Management (CIM) is the right place for you. To collect information and details about  BE-Civil for diploma holders, fee structure, courses and why BE-Civil in Chaitanya Institute Of Management, click the link. 

Bachelor of Architecture

Chaitanya Institute Of Management (CIM) provides Bachelor In Architecture(B.Arch) which is a professional degree that develops and promotes the academic requirements of architecture. Browse to collect all the information about B.Arch and details on fee structure as well as admission process of CIM and others.

Bachelor of Civil And Rural Engineering

Know about admission info, courses, eligibility criteria, career opportunity, facilities and other details of Civil and Rural  Engineering.Also, you can know the feedback why to study BE-Civil at Chaitanya Institute Of Management directly from CIM college student.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Browse to know and collect all the information and details about Bachelor in Engineering In Computer in Chaitanya Institute of Management Studies. Also, know why to join BE-Computer in CIM, click the link above and gather the details you want for BE-Computer. 

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

If you are interested in Bachelor in Electrical and Electronics Engineering then study in Chaitanya Institute Of Management which provides a suitable environment and better academic requirement. Browse to collect all the information and details u need and why study BE-Electrical and Electronics in CIM.

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Are interested in repairing or developing electronic communication systems? Then, a degree in electronic in electronic communication engineering on Chaitanya Institue Of management will be perfect for you. If you want explore better academic requirements and procedure click the link.

M.Sc.Interdisciplinary water resource management

Browse to collect the information about the phenomenon and potential concepts and fundamentals of multilevel water use and management.Also, get details on the fee structure, admission process, and other requirements. 

M.Sc. Natural Resources Management

Know about the objectives of the course that produce high-level professionals in Natural Resources Management and play effective roles in managing natural resources. Chaitanya Institute of Management(CIM) offers M.Sc. in Natural Resource Management which is a professional degree. Click the link for more information on fee structure, academic requirement and procedures. 

M.Sc. Construction Management

If u are interested in being highly qualified and skilled managers in construction industry then Chaitanya Institute of Management is right for you. For more details on academic requirement and procedures, career opportunity ,facilities and other information click the link.

M.Sc. Transportation Engineering and Management

Chaitanya Institue of Management Studies offers you M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering and Management which is a professional degree which deals with Transportation Management that aims to satisfy the academic requirement. For more information and details about the college and other academic procedure ,click the link.  

Infrastructure & Facilities

PSC Preparation Classes

CIM conducts preparation classes for students willing to get professional for Joint Secretary, Under Secretary and section officer under the privilege of experts. This course will help student to contribute to the nation.


Chaitanya Institute of Management not only focus on CA program but also assist students to build self confidence and develop personality as a skill to compete the challenges that might occur in life. Our institute has a training called “Life Skill Development”.

Additional Information

Academic Programs at Chaitanya Institute of Management

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Accounting has become very essential in any organization and CA is highly demanding globally. Our institute provides CA for students who want to achieve professionalism in accountancy. We have different level of CA program.

Chartered Accountancy Professional (CAP)-I

This level includes basic fundamental of accounting


It Is Intermediate level includes advanced accounting.


It is the final levels includes advancement of accounting and other related to CA courses

CPT(Common Proficiency Test)

  • It is basic level  with fundamental of  accounting
  • Intermediate/Integrated Professional Competence Course (IPCC)
  • It is intermediate level with advance accounting

CA Final

It is the final level of CA that includes advance and core accounting.

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