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Phone: 01-6204626

Chapabot Secondary School is in Naglebhare, Shankarapur Kathmandu. It is run by highly qualified and experienced teachers to become responsible and competent individuals. It has large spacious playgrounds, well-equipped classrooms, and a focus on extra co-curricular activities like sports and drama besides the core study areas of Plus2 education and humanities from well-qualified faculty members. In this public institution, the courses are taught in Nepali and English medium. Chapabot Secondary School to date has accomplished its mission to provide accessible and quality education who have a passion for learning, critical thinking, and growth in life from socio-economics areas. It empowers pupils to be compassionate members of society. Parallel we work with professional development programs for our faculty members to scale up their teaching skills for pedagogy benchmarks.

Why Chapabot Secondary ?

Chapabot Secondary School stands out for these reasons:

  • Quality education with equal opportunities for growth and development
  • Safe and nurturing environment with the mental well-being of pupils
  • Student-centered teaching methodology
  • Modern services
  • real-world examples and practical examples for better learning
  • Various scholarship opportunities for deserved students
  • Comprehensive curriculum

Scholarships at Chapabot Secondary

Scholarships at Chapabot Secondary School are offered to deserving students who require financial support and can demonstrate exceptional academic performance, and leadership potential, on an application basis which is communicated by College to students and their Parents


The facilities provided to students of Chapabot Secondary School are:

  • Library
  • Playground
  • Drinking water
  • Computer lab
  • Canteen
  • Science lab
  • Education tours
  • Sports facilities
  • Hostel

The various programs at Chapabot Secondary are as follows:

+2 Humanities

+2 Education

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