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Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is a national level entrance examination conducted in Nepal by the Faculty of Management of Tribhuvan University. It is a highly competitive exam that tests the candidates aptitude with objective questions on a total weightage of 100 marks to be able to qualify for Bachelors level programs in Management discipline. CMAT is a compulsory requirement for studying Bachelor of Business Administration BBA, Bachelor of Business Management BBM, Bachelor of Hotel Management BHM, Bachelor of Information Management BIM, Bachelor of Mountaineering studies BMS, Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management (BTTM) and Bachelor of Public Administration (BPA) programs of Tribhuvan University.

The key criteria of CMAT exams are it is based on SAT format. It throws questions to find the knowledge and aptitude of the examinee in verbal abilities, quantitative ability, logical reasoning and general awareness. CMAT test alone does not only guarantee successful admission. As per College criteria, the past academic performance, CMAT score, interview will be monitored by the admission committee and then decide the candidates shortlisted in the merit list.


CMAT follows the following pattern in the exam questions for testing students aptitude for Bachelors program in Management fields:

VERBAL SECTION 25 percent weightage

The Verbal section in CMAT exam tests the students verbal or vocal skills with questions on vocabulary, suitable prepositions, idioms and phrases, passage and questions (comprehensions) to find out his or her verbal skills from CMAT.

QUANTITATIVE SECTION 25 percent weightage

This section tests the quantitative or Mathematical skills of a candidate. It can ask questions regarding finding remainers,average, ratio and proportions, percentage, substitution, defined functions, set theories, fraction and decimal, matrix and determinants, sequence and series, unitary method, law of indices, digits and age, permutation and combinations, simple and compound interest, profit and loss, commission, tax, VAT calculations, HCF and LCM, probability, quadratic equation, statistics, log and exponentiation based questions.

LOGICAL REASONING 25 percent weightage

Logical reasoning tests students logical and analytical skills. It asks questions related to odd one out, type of relations, arguments and flow charts, pure logic, common sense logic and guest logic, figures and relations based problems for logic and deductions.

GENERAL AWARENESS-25 percent weightage

General Awareness tests the general knowledge of the candidates and his IQ of things happening in the world. It can be of any nature such as current affairs business, economics, politics, sports, Management theories, science and literature, interesting facts/ current facts.



CMAT test is an aptitude test for entrance in Bachelors level program in Management for Tribhuvan University Faculty of Management (FOM) programs:

To appear the candidates must have completed Plus 2 i.e. Grade 11 and Grade 12 with minimum C grade in all the subjects. They must also have 1.8 GPA overall or minimum second division marks in Plus 2 from any board recognized by Tribhuvan University.

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