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College Of Applied Food And Dairy Technology

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CAFODAT—College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology—was established under the People’s Cooperative for Food and Dairy Technology Society (a non-profit organization) in 2005. The College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology is the only college in Nepal offering a bachelor’s in dairy technology and a master’s in nutrition and dietetics. To produce adept manpower in the field of applied food innovation, CAFODAT College is run by professionally experienced faculty members and food specialists.

Nepal is an agricultural country, so there is much more scope for applied dairy innovation. To meet the national need, CAFODAT College provides an international level of education, thus becoming the college of first choice for every student. The College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology provides DFT, DDT, B.Sc. Food Technology, BDT, and M.Sc. in nutrition and dietetics programs.

Upon completion of study at CAFODAT College, the student will be competent to work as a specialist, scientist, quality controller, educator, and manager. The job of an applied specialist is globally recognized and dignified. So, there is immense scope for career development opportunities for applied specialists.

Scholarships at College of Applied Food and Technology

The College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology has well-equipped classrooms, a library, and laboratories, providing a sound environment to study in. The College of Applied Food and Dairy Technology provides grants based on entrance exams and the basis of semester final exams. Furthermore, other scholarships for B.Tech. at CAFODAT College include:

  • Scholarships are provided by the National Dairy Development Board (NDDB).
  • Grant provided by the Dairy Development Corporation (DDC).
  • Scholarship provided by Basanta-Michico Shah.

If more than one student gets the same grade point, the grant amount will be distributed equally.

The various programs at College of Applied Food and Technology are as follows:

BTech Food Technology

MSc Engineering Geology

M.Sc. Engineering Geology is an independent course that deals with the study of understanding and characterizing the nature of rocks and soil. If you are interested in pursuing a career in this field then join M.Sc. Engineering Geology at CAFODAT.

BSc General