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College of Journalism & Mass Communication popularly known as CJMS was founded on January 2001 by educational enthusiasts. This college is located at Amarabati Marga, Balkumari which is in the center of Kathmandu Valley that’s why CJMS College is easily accessible to students. College of Journalism & Mass Communication offers courses such as MA MCJ, Masters in Development, and Bachelor's in Mass Communication and Journalism (BA MCJ) which is first by any private college in Nepal. According to the reliable source around 400 graduates and post-graduates are serving our nation as conveyance professionals. CJMS has always been a leading institute due to the success of its students. Students of this college are always giving outstanding results in recent years. The core objective of the College of Journalism & Mass Communication is to produce excellent and skillful media personalities who have an integrative and pragmatic understanding of Journalism. Journalism is known as the fourth estate of the country. News and media have always been the backbone of democracy. So, this course is one of the fast-growing interests among young learners.

CJMS College currently runs the BA/MCJ under the Bachelor program and Master in Mass Communication & Journalism (MA/MCJ), MA Dev. Com. under Master’s Program.

Objectives of CJMS College

  • To educate graduates and post-graduates on the operational capabilities of new media technologies.
  • To provide a practical understanding of Journalism.
  • To be the center of excellence.
  • To bring modern teaching methods into practice.


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A career in journalism and mass communication has always been a prestigious profession with a very highly paid salary. Journalists always play a crucial role in the development of the nation. We get information about daily happenings from them. The main purpose of reporting is to enlighten the people and make them aware of wrong happenings. The opportunities in this field are endless. This job is a challenge as the whole world is now only connected by a click. Wrong information can create chaos all around the globe. Now the saying "Pen is mightier than the sword" has changed to "Camera and microphone are mightier than the canons". Simple reporting is not sufficient in this modern era of smartphones, more specialization and professionalism are required. Graduates of this course can easily find their place on Radio channels, TV channels, Websites, Press information Bureau, Periodicals and Magazines, Newspapers, Government Information Services, and many other news portal services.

The various programs at College of Journalism and Mass Communication are as follows:

Bachelor of Journalism And Mass Communication

Are you interested to work in media and entertainment field?  Then get a bachelor degree in Journalism and Communication from College of journalism and Mass Communication. Know why you should join our college and other necessary details by browsing through our page.


MA Mass Communication And Journalism

College of Journalism and Mass Communication offers an MA degree in Journalism and Mass Communication which prepares students for a career in research. Know more about the program and get information on the criteria of admission and other requirements from the given link.

Master's in Development Communication

Are you interested in social change and development, shaping the thinking of the people then, join Master in Development Communication at College of Mass Communication and Journalism. Know the reasons why you should join our college and other details from the given link.