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College of Technical Sciences

Contact Information

Phone: 01-5527616

College of Technical Sciences is in Kumaripati, Lalitpur. It is a private Campus that runs Bachelor's program in Nursing and post-basic Bachelor in Nursing programs at Purbanchal University. The College provides proper infrastructures with knowledge and skills required to work as trained nurses with core level nursing studies in Nepal. The experienced and professional bodies teach and train about skills required in the psychiatric, midwifery, hospital, and community treatment sectors.

Why CTS ?

College of Technical Science has these features:

  • Practical-based education to generate health professionals that are proficient
  • Capacity buildup with experimental resources in technical-based scientific contributions to finding new alternatives 
  • Infrastructural capabilities for students and faculties
  • Human resources in communities and industries who are skilled and qualified
  • Successful legacy of academic services over a long period

Scholarships at CTS

Scholarships at the College of Technical Science are provided to the outstanding and needful students from College of Technical Science.


The facilities offered by College of Technical Science are:

  • Sports
  • Library
  • Science Lab
  • Counseling
  • Conference
  • Parking
  • Periodic journals

The various programs at CTS are as follows:

BSc Nursing

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Bachelor of Public Health