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Cosmopolitan College was established in 2007 AD. It is one of the well-established and well-organized colleges. The students here receive knowledge about various academic and social norms and cultures. The students here are trained to have integrity as well as skill among themselves. The students here are made determined to be nation-builders, business tycoons, soldiers of humanity, and founders of greatness. All of these are only possible through good education and moral thoughts. The students make themselves strong and competitive through education and believe that they create for themselves.

Why Cosmopolitan College ?

With the large variety of experienced and well-educated staff members and faculties, cosmopolitan has made itself capable of providing a large variety of courses to offer to its students. Cosmopolitan College has been famous for its presentation of a large variety of subjects to offer to its students. Those faculty and courses include Computer science for technical students, Hotel Management for the ones with skills applied for hotels, and Travel and tourism for those who are capable of making people travel in a much safe and relaxing way. The college also makes its presence in the field of accountancy and economics and in addition to it also provides marketing in the course.


The facilities at the Cosmopolitan College are remarkable.

  • The students here enjoy the library available here that has a lot of books which make the students realize their potential and keep them alerted to the alarming topics and global concepts regarding many of the burning topics.
  • Provides a sporty environment for their students as they understand that like academic performance sports and physical health too is equally important for the students and provides access to the students towards both indoor and outdoor games for their overall physical and mental fitness

Additional Information

Admission Procedure at Cosmopolitan College

The admission process consists of the primary step of filling up a form with your personal and academic details on it along with the need for transportation service from our institute or not. The form is available both online and at the college. Applicants are informed to fill up the form before the form submission deadline and after the deadline, the entrance exam date is to be published. After the entrance exam, the qualifying students will be called for admission and the selected candidates will be the academic part of Cosmopolitan. The applicants interested in submitting the form must be informed that they must have passed the SEE examination with a 40% percentage.

The various programs at Cosmopolitan College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Know how Bachelor of Business Studies is handled in Cosmopolitan College.Also get all the details on the fee structure, admission procedure and requirements and other needed details. 

Bachelor of Arts

+2 Humanities

+2 Management

Ongoing Admission
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