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Cosmos College of Management and Technology

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Cosmos College of Management and Technology is situated in Sathdobato, Lalitpur (Nepal), and was established in 2001 A.D. The institution offers various programs in management and engineering disciplines under the hood of Pokhara University. Cosmos College of Management and Technology has been categorized as the best institution since its establishment year. Cosmos College of Management and Technology was formed by the former dean from Pulchowk under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. Uttam N. Shrestha. The college has completed nine years of exploring competent excellence in the engineering and administration fields.

Being affiliated with Pokhara University, the Cosmos College of Management and Technology offers bachelor’s degree programs for a four-year course duration based on an eight-semester cycle. BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BE (Information Technology), BE (Computer), BE (Electronics and Communication), and BE (Civil) are the programs offered at this college.

Objectives of the Cosmos Institution:

Cosmos College has also formed various committees towards academic excellence, which are guided by reputed personnel and are under different committees: the Administration Committee, Academic Committee, Executive Committee, and Disciplinary Committee. Aims and Objectives: The main objective of Cosmos College of Management and Technology is to produce high-quality professionals who can compete according to the needs of the nation as well as in the international job market. The institution is also heading forward to implement some integrated knowledge that provides advanced understanding abilities by merging administration and engineering programs as well as basic sciences with humanities programs.

Some of the objectives of Cosmos are:

  • To provide better-quality education in specific fields.
  • To encourage and produce quality engineers, technologists, professionals, and managers who can compete at various levels and in different positions for mitigating organizational and national needs successfully.

Scholarships at COSMOS College

Cosmos College of Management and Technology provides scholarships for deserving students based on the following basic categories:

  • Full Scholarship: Covers 100% of all university and institution fees.
  • Limited Scholarship: Depends upon the candidate’s percentage of the semester and tuition fees awarded by the institution by determining them at admission time.
  • Merit (determining performance in qualifying examinations and tests).
  • Scholarships are based on different categories of females, dalits, rural areas, and privileged areas.
  • Students will be awarded a scholarship program by determining their percentage of the semester based on their performance in the previous semester. It can fluctuate according to students’ performance.


The integration of two different modules Engineering and Management, where engineering programs help to enhance and develop quality engineers who can serve the nation at different levels of technical fields, and management programs help to produce entrepreneurs and managers for working in top-level administration or innovating their own business company. Shortly, the institution wants to introduce postgraduate programs at different levels.

The various programs at COSMOS College are as follows:

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

Are you looking forward to pursuing your career in the IT field? Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology is the ultimate course for you to get qualified as IT professional. Cosmos College of management and technology provides you a great opportunity to graduate in a sound environment. Browse the link to know other details.

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering

If you are planning to join be-electronics- and- communication then Cosmos college of management and technology offers you to graduate in this course with the well-managed education system. Know more details required to join the college.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is one of the courses that guides you to progress your skills in the field of Technology. So,  joining Bachelor of computer engineering at Cosmos college of management and technology might be the right choice to fulfill your dream. Click the given link for further details.

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

If you are really wanting to contribute in the improvisation of construction sector of the nation then Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering might be the best course to gather the knowledge required to work practically. Know about the details for joining the course of Civil Engineering at Cosmos college of management and technology.

Bachelor of Business Administration

4-year academic program BBA offered at Cosmos college of management and technology intends to impart a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of business. We aim to provide best learning practices to the students. You can get feedback from the students directly to know the services and become the part of our college.