Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Arts degree or simply BA course is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program where students learn about different topics under Social Science, Humanities and Liberal Arts. Some of these topics are literature, history, philosophy, psychology, economics, sociology, languages, and many more.

The BA course focuses on the subject matter dealing with liberal arts, social science and humanities. The Bachelor of Arts degree is a universally sought course. It provides a strong educational foundation with theoretical and methodological knowledge of the respective subject.

Overview of Bachelor of Arts

The BA course offers a vast range of subjects and disciplines that the students can choose from. It allows them to strengthen their understanding of the subjects and help develop the skills to pursue their career and become a highly intellectual professional in the field of teaching, social work, arts, journalism, research and many more.

The few things that BA course offers an individual are as follow:

  • The first and the foremost thing that BA course offers is its vast stream of curriculum such as literature, arts, sociology, anthropology, geography, history, psychology and many more.
  • It offers critical thinking and analytical skills required to solve complex problems.
  • The BA course is very diverse so individuals will have many careers to choose from.
  • BA offers each individual to explore different subjects and topics.

BA course in Nepal

The BA course in Nepal is one of the most popular curricula with the highest number of enrollments every year. It is very accessible and has an affordable fee structure both in government and private colleges. Because of this, this degree is a feasible option for many indivuals who wants to pursue their undergraduate level of education. 

Following are the universities providing the BA course under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science.

  • Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • Purbanchal University (PU)
  • Kathmandu University (KU)
  • Mid Western University (MWU)
  • Far Western University (FWU)
  • Nepal Open University (NOU)

General Information

The Bachelor of Arts is a 4-year undergraduate degree. It is a highly sought degree for many students in Nepal. Almost all the universities teach it in their institutions and the affiliated colleges. However, the duration, eligibility criteria, admission requirement and the fee structure might vary depending upon the universities.

Throughout the duration of the BA course students learn about various elective subjects along with the compulsory ones. Those who are interested in pursuing an Arts degree should choose the major subjects for specialization.

Disciplines in BA Course

Yes, the BA is an interdisciplinary course but what are the disciplines under it? The following are some of the specialties offered in this program:




It focuses on the scientific study of the human brain and their behaviors. 


It focuses on the study of the fundamental nature of existence, reality, logic and knowledge.


The BA in journalism focuses on different aspects of news. 

Political Science 

It focuses on the scientific study of politics and powers from different perspectives. 


BA sociology helps in understanding the development and structure of human society. 

Social Work

BA social work focuses on the study of various services required for the welfare of the needy. 


BA economics focuses on the study of resources and its usage to meet the required needs and desires. 

Rural Development

It is the discipline studied to help to uplift the economic and social development of people of the rural area and of the rural area itself.

Universities Offering Course Bachelor of Arts
Tribhuvan University
Kathmandu University
Purbanchal University
Lumbini Buddhist University
Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology
Far Western University
University of Bedfordshire
Nepal Open University
Indira Gandhi National Open University

Objectives of Bachelor of Arts

Since the BA course is an interdisciplinary degree, its objective is wide and varies depending upon the major subject that students choose to specialize in. Having said that, we can summarize its primary purpose. It is to provide students with knowledge in the fields of the Humanities, Social Science and Liberal Arts. Besides these there are other objectives of the degree which are mentioned below.

  • It provides strong communication skills which is very helpful in job placements.
  • The course enables each individual to think logically and critically from different perspectives. It helps them to tackle seperate problems in jobs and life with proper mindset.
  • BA course explores culture and history of different races. Students can be culturally rich with all this knowledge. By understanding distinct cultures they can have a broad mindset and also be culturally aware.
  • Many BA courses require scholars to research about their subject. They have to read multiple articles required throughout the program. This habit eventually will develop magnificent research skills that are required in many professions.
  • Since the BA course is interdisciplinary, it allows scholars to explore various subjects making them a creative individuals qualified enough to pursue a career as an artist, teacher, researcher, psychologists, historian etc.

Career and Scope of Bachelor of Arts

The BA course aims to help graduates develop a high degree of critical thinking, creativity, intellectual abilities, knowledge, and expertise in a wide range of sectors. With these abilities that they possess they can choose from multiple fields as their career. The few scopes of BA course are listed below: The BA course graduates can pursue their education further and specialize in the certain disciplines that are to their interest.

The BA degree holder can work in different organizations like NGO, INGO, embassies.

  • An individual after graduating from a BA course can work for the government and for the private sectors as well.
  • Those who have a love for literature and arts can contribute their skill and knowledge in the literary field after achieving the degree.
  • Those students studying psychology can work as a counselor at hospitals, schools, corporate or at business organizations.
  • Those who have completed this course can teach in schools to help develop capable individuals.
  • Since they are culturally rich and aware, they can work to preserve the endangered cultures and arts.
  • Usually BA graduates are capable researchers. They can pursue their career as a researcher.
  • They can also pursue careers as historians, anthropologists, journalists and many more.

Eligibility Criteria of Bachelor of Arts

The eligibility criteria for the BA course is very flexible as compared to the other programs. However, different universities can have distinct criteria. The basic qualification to study Bachelor of Arts in Nepal is the same for most of the universities.

The eligibility criteria to study BA course in Nepal are as follows:

  • The candidates willing to study the BA course must have completed 12 years of schooling.
  • The applicant should pass their intermediate examination in any stream with at least D+ in every subject.

Note: There might be other eligibility criteria for this course depending upon the campuses. Candidates are advised to contact the administration of the desired university or affiliated colleges for detailed information.

Admission Requirement

Applicants need not attend the entrance examination to qualify to study this course. However, some universities might require them to appear for the admission requirement test. They can get the information about this from the respective colleges. 

After the applicants decide to get admitted to study BA course in the desired institution, the administration might ask for the following documents: 

  • Photocopy of SLC/ SEE  certificate
  • Photocopy of Transcript of intermediate or any equivalent course
  • Original copy of the migration certificate.
  • Photocopy of intermediate or any equivalent course mark sheet.

Fee Structure 

The fee structure for BA courses depends upon different factors. The disciplines like BSW and BCA under the faculty of Humanities and Social Science are slightly more expensive than other disciplines like Psychology, Anthropology, Language, Philosophy etc. 

The fee structure, besides all these factors, also depends upon the colleges and universities. The government colleges have lower rates than that of the private ones.

The cost for studying this course ranges from NPR 50,000 to NPR 4,00,000. Students can get  the detailed fee structure from the respective colleges.


Students enrolled in the BA course are entitled to the scholarship based on the merit list. They can obtain detailed information about scholarships from the respective college.

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