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BArch Course, Bachelor in Architecture

The art and science of designing and constructing structures that ranges from houses to skyscrapers is known as architecture. The work of an architect usually revolves around buildings. It is a field that focuses on the aesthetic and cultural importance of buildings.

BArch, short form of Bachelor of Architecture is an undergraduate course that provides an individual with knowledge and expertise enough to be an architect. Any individual who has an artistic approach to the world and has a keen interest in engineering can go for this degree.


Bachelor in Architecture (BArch) primarily focuses on comprehensive knowledge about the creative and technical aspects of buildings. The course emphasizes the architectural history, the science of buildings and the safety aspects of the structures. 

Bachelor in Architecture is one of the most important engineering courses. Designing and building the structures are two different things. It is the architect's job to help build a structure so aesthetically pleasing and astounding in form that it is remembered for centuries. 

However, it doesn't mean that the architect should construct such structures that should be remembered for ages. They are also responsible for building houses, residences and factories that can shape society. It wouldn't be exaggerating to assume that it is architects who make our home a perfect place to live in.

BArch course offers various important features to its students such as: 

  • The study of the look, feel and comfort of the structure. 
  • The study of design and technique required to construct the building. 
  • The comprehensive knowledge about the science of buildings. 
  • The architectural history so that students can understand the cultural value the building holds. 
  • Practicals and internship opportunities to hone the architectural skills of architects.

Bachelor in Architecture Course in Nepal

The architectural history of Nepal dates back centuries. The temples and stupas of different styles are still to be found which were made hundreds of years ago. This proves the architectural importance in our country. 

However, the Bachelor in Architecture (BArch) course was introduced way later in Nepal. The Institute of Engineering (IOE) of Tribhuvan University (TU) started teaching Certificate level of Architecture from 1995 AD.

Since then the course is being taught in multiple colleges both government and private by other universities as well. Currently, there are a total of 4 universities in Nepal that actively teaches BArch. They are: 

  • Tribhuvan University (TU) 
  • Kathmandu University (KU) 
  • Pokhara University (PoU) 
  • Purbanchal University (PU)

General Information

The Bachelor in Architecture is an undergraduate semester-wise course. The total duration of the BArch is 5 years with 10 semesters. The number of seats available for the course is low if compared to BE civil. 

The duration to study BArch courses in all the universities is the same. The table below provides the information on duration, no. of colleges offering the degree and the no. of seats available in respective university. The credit hours are also mentioned below.







Duration (Year/ Semester)

5/ 10

5/ 10

5/ 10

5/ 10

No. of Colleges





No. of Seats





Credit Hours





The pie chart below showcases the number of colleges providing the BArch course shown in Nepal. The maximum number of colleges that provided the degree is affiliated to TU and the minimum is that of KU.

Nujmber of BArch Colleges

objectives of Bachelor in Architecture

The objective of Bachelor in Architecture is mentioned below:

  • To develop the ability to plan and design buildings which are aesthetically good and sustainable.
  • To use required tools and techniques to develop the design.
  • To be able to brief the design to the audience
  • To be able to understand the soil, climate and typography of the location where the building has to be designed which plays an important role.
  • To be able to understand the cultural importance of the society and implement it while designing the building.
  • To go through different case studies and implement the knowledge aquired in the real field.

eligibility for Bachelor in Architecture

The eligibility criteria for studying BArch course in Nepal depends upon the educational qualification one has, the marks they obtained and on entrance examination. Every applicant must meet the following criteria to be eligible to study the BArch.

  • They should have completed 12 years of schooling. 
  • They should have passed the entrance examination with a threshold score conducted by the preferred university.
  • They should have secured at least 2nd division or C grade in the intermediate level or equivalent by taking mathematics, physics and chemistry. 

Note: This is the base criteria required to study the BArch course. It might differ depending upon the university. The factors like grade and passed percentage might differ depending upon institutions.

Fee structure and scholarship of Bachelor in Architecture

Admission Requirement

Those who are interested in studying the BArch course should first pass the entrance examination conducted by the university with the threshold score. They can get the entrance form from the respective administration of the college or university. If the form is available online, students are advised to opt for this.

Applicants who are appearing for the entrance examination should keep following things in their mind: 

  • All of the questions on the entrance exam are objective.
  • Depending on the universities that conduct entrance exams, there could be a negative ranking system.
  • Securing just the pass mark in the entrance exam mightn’t be enough to be admitted in the BArch course. Students are encouraged to secure maximum scores. 
  • The notice containing exam details is issued by the respective university.

If the applicants are accepted into their chosen college, the following documents might be required:

  • Certificate and marksheet of SEE / SLC.
  • Transcript of 10+2 or any equivalent course
  • Migration certificate of 10+2 or any equivalent course
  • Mark sheet of 10+2 or any equivalent course

Fee Structure

The fee structure for BArch courses is considerably on the higher end as compared to other engineering degrees.  There are several factors which determine the cost. The price for studying BArch courses depends upon universities. The fee structure of one university might be lower than others.  But, the range of the fee structure is similar.

The fee structure also depends upon the type of institution one is studying in. The cost is somewhat on the cheaper side in government funded colleges. While, studying the course in private college can be expensive.






Approximate Fee Structure in NPR

(in lakhs) 





The range of the fee structure provided is an approximate value. Students are advised to visit the preferred college and get the detailed fee structure from the concerned administration. By doing so, they can also inquire about the scholarship and discounts available.


Almost all of Nepal's universities provide BArch scholarships. However, not everyone might be qualified for it. Several criteria must be met for any student to receive a free education, 

The scholarships provided are usually of two types: Full Scholarship and Partial Scholarship. If the students are awarded with full scholarship, their entire tuition fee is waived. However a certain amount of the tuition fee is reduced if they are awarded with the partial scholarship.

Students can get information regarding scholarship. They will be provided for the scholarship if they are eligible with it.

career and scope of Bachelor in Architecture

Skyscrapers, Stadiums, Factories and other various structures are still being built. There is a high demand to work on these projects for the architects across the world and are well paid and respected. BArch course graduates are capable enough to work on these kinds of projects. 

They can also contribute to society on the local level. They can design the residences warm and comfortable for anyone to make a better place to live inside home or a house.

BArch is a course with huge job prospects. Graduates can choose from multiple sectors. Let us look at some of them:

  • Work for the construction company and design awe-striking buildings.
  • Work for the government to plan and design the structure required for government offices. 
  • Contribute to the engineering field with methods and techniques like never seen before. 
  • Pursue their study for the master’s degree. 
  • Teach the younger generation of architects. 
  • They can study Interior designing and establish a company that designs both the houses and the interiors of it.