BBM Course, Bachelor of Business Management

Bachelor of Business Management or BBM course is a four-year, semester-oriented undergraduate program in Nepal. It has emerged as a trendy academic option among post-secondary graduates aspiring to pursue studies in the field of business and management.


The BBM course is a program that focuses on aspects of the business and management field. This program encompasses a range of subjects like:-

  • Economics
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Organizational behavior
  • Strategic management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development

This course serves as a comprehensive introduction to the diverse field of business and management. Its primary objective is to impart a profound understanding of the strategies and operational skills essential for the proficient management of an entity.

The curriculum of the BBM course covers both the theoretical foundations and practical dimensions of management. To attain a BBM degree, students are required to undergo challenging examinations at the conclusion of each semester.

BBM Course in Nepal

The Bachelor of Business Management program, commonly referred to as the BBM course, made its debut in the early 2000s. Since its introduction, several universities, both domestic and international, have added this esteemed degree to their academic offerings. They are:

Several international universities have established affiliations with colleges in Nepal to offer the BBM course. One such example is the Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation.

The BBM course in Nepal is meticulously crafted to provide students with a thorough understanding of essential principles in the fields of business and management, encompassing foundational concepts and knowledge.

General Information

The BBM course, also known as the Bachelor of Business Management, utilizes a semester-based format and extends over a period of four years. The program duration may vary between 3 to 5 years depending on the specific course at certain universities.

A succinct presentation of fundamental details and an overview of the BBM course can be found in the table provided below.

University/ Factors

Duration (in Years)

No. of Colleges

No. of Seats

Credit Hours




More than 500












Based on the depicted chart, it is evident that TU significantly outperforms other universities in terms of the breadth of its offerings in the BBM course, with a notable presence in a greater number of colleges.

Objective of BHM

The BBM course for the students has been structured with the aim of achieving the following objectives:-

  • To provide a formidable base in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resource management, economics and operation management.
  • To cultivate leadership qualities in students and impart various styles and approaches of leadership.
  • To teach students to learn in a team work and see its advantages.
  • To reflect how international markets works and highlights its challenges and opportunities.
  • To cultivate an entrepreneur thinking by providing knowledge on how to start and manage business..
  • To develop students ability to adapt in all situations that can arise after changes in external business environment.
  • To learn to incorporate new technologies and processes that is in favor of organization.
  • To teach BBM student how to conduct research.
  • To provide valuable insights on business by teaching and observing various case studies.
  • To build students ability to analyze and evaluate data, and information so that they can make informed decisions.
  • to provide important business insights through instruction and case study observation.
  • to help pupils acquire a variety of abilities, including interpersonal and communication skills.
  • to impart to them the value of effective time, process, and people management.
  • to get students ready to go on to MBM, MBA, or comparable programs when they finish this degree.

The above-mentioned objectives reflects that this BBM course gives business management skills and knowledge so that they can be competent enough to deal with a variety of business prospects in the real world once they graduate.

Eligibility for BHM

Candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements to apply for the BBM course:-

  • Successful completion of a high school diploma that should obtained from an accredited educational institution or recognized board or university.
  • Achievement of a minimum of 1.8 CGPA or more in the proficiency or intermediate level with a D grade in each subject.
  • Satisfying all the stipulated criteria outlined in the application form for eligibility to participate in the entrance examination.

Scope of BHM

A Bachelor of Business Management or BBM course can provide access to a diverse array of career prospects within the realm of business. The precise career opportunities for BBM graduates may fluctuate based on variables such as their area of specialization, competencies, and personal inclinations.

Below mentioned are a few prevalent career routes available to BBM graduates.

  • General Management
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Information Technology (IT) Management
  • Retail Management

The Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) graduates can uplift their career in various job opportunities like:-

  • Marketing Co-Ordinator
  • Business Analyst
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Financial Consultant
  • Management Trainee
  • Sales Representative
  • Project Manager
  • Customer Relationship Manager
  • Banker
  • Government Analyst

BBM graduates should be aware of the fact that career prospects and job openings can differ on geographical location, sector, individual skill sets, and personal preferences. It is advisable for them to conduct thorough research and actively explore employment possibilities in order to strategically chart their career trajectories.

Fee Structure of BHM

Entrance Exam

Prospective candidates are required to appear in the BBM course entrance examination conducted by the respective universities and colleges and achieve a minimum score of 40% in order to pass the test successfully.

Fee Structure

The overall cost required for studying Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) courses can vary within different colleges and universities. The approximate fee structure of the BBM course has been outlined in the table below.

University/ Particulars

Cost (approx.)

Tribhuvan (TU)

NPR 4,00,000 to NPR 6,00,000

Kathmandu (KU)

NPR 5,00,000 to NPR 8,00,000

Foreign Universities

NPR 8,00,000 to NPR 10,00,000


BBM course-enrolled students can apply for scholarships to various colleges and universities. These scholarships are primarily awarded based on outstanding academic performance and accomplishments.