Bachelor of Engineering In Mechanical

Bachelor of Engineering In Mechanical

Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering or BE Mechanical course focuses on the design, installation, and operation of the machines. It is a multidisciplinary subject. It borrows ideas and principles from other subjects such as physics and mathematics.

A mechanical engineer is responsible for developing technologies and machines that reduce the workload of humans and make working more convenient.  Moreover, it is their responsibility to guarantee the machine's saftey along with its reliability and efficiency.

Overview of Bachelor of Engineering In Mechanical

A Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering course or simply BE Mechanical is a semester-wise undergraduate degree that provides an individual with detailed knowledge about mechanical systems.

BE Mechanical is a course that requires vast knowledge of different aspects and principles that are required for a machine to run smoothly and safely.

BE Mechanical Course in Nepal

From manufacturing machines in industries to developing hydropower plants, mechanical engineers' importance in a developing country like Nepal is huge. It cannot be neglected. The BE Mechanical course contributes to producing individuals who are capable of meeting the mechanical and technological needs of the country.

A Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering was started in Nepal back in 1995 AD. by Institute of Engineering (IOE) of Tribhuvan University. The course needs heavy equipment and advanced labs due to which only a few colleges can provide it.

General Information

The Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering (BE Mechanical) is an undergraduate course consisting of eight semesters. Very few colleges in Nepal are actively teaching this program. The number of seats are also lower. So, total number of students graduating as a mechanical engineer is low than other related degrees. 

Let us look at the table below to know about the general information about the course in Nepal. The duration, number of seats, number of colleges providing BE Mechanical and the credit hours are shown in the below table.

Factors/ University



Duration (in years)



No. of Colleges



No. of Seats



Credit Hours












The pie chart below showcases the comparative study of the number of colleges providing BE mechanical courses in Nepal.

Number of BE Mechanical Colleges

Universities Offering Course Bachelor of Engineering In Mechanical
Tribhuvan University
Kathmandu University

Objectives of Bachelor of Engineering In Mechanical

Mechanical Engineers apply various scientific and engineering principles, calculations and experiments to produce machines or technologies that will eventually make human life more convenient.  This is the primary purpose of the BE mechanical course. But there is more to it.

The objectives of BE Mechanical course is to produce professionals who will be able:

  • Utilize their learning, understanding and experience to design machines that serve humans.
  • Improve the existing machines and also to create something new and contribute to humankind.
  • Help analyze the data, interpret it and draw judgment out of it.
  • Optimize the production method by considering the cost, human resources and materials required to build it.
  • Design such machines that are sustainable.
  • Ensure safety, efficiency and reliability of the machines.

Career and Scope of Bachelor of Engineering In Mechanical

The scope of the BE Mechanical course is vast. It offers opportunities in different industries ranging from simple factories to Aviation. The expertise that mechanical engineers hold is highly valued and respected globally. They are important assets to those factories or companies developing machines and technologies.

We humans are surrounded by machines and cannot imagine our life without them. That is enough to prove that mechanical engineers are always in demand and their career is very fruitful.

Let us dive deep and understand the different scopes the BE Mechanical course offers.

  • Designing Machines:Mechanical Engineers can design the mechanical and technical sketches from different software and help develop the machines. They can design new systems and solve the problems of existing machines.
  • Constructing: They can construct machines for different industries, companies, and even for the government.
  • Automotive Industry: The automobile industry is always competitive and always in demand. Now and then, new forms of automobiles are being introduced. The graduates can work in this industry and design and develop automobiles.
  • Aerospace and Aviation Industry: Mechanical Engineers possess the knowledge to work in the aerospace and aviation industry with training. They can be involved in the design and maintenance of spacecraft and aircraft.
  • CAD Experts: CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. Mechanical engineers use this software to build the design for the machines. With proper experience and practice mechanical engineers can pursue their career as CAD experts.
  • Research: Any individuals with the education, passion and skill can work as a researcher in the desired field. Mechanical engineers can be one too. They can contribute to the world in technological advancement.
  • Entrepreneurship: Those mechanical with a business mindset can design the products and launch them in the market to start a business with it.
  • Robotics: Robotics is a vast area and mechanical engineers can contribute to it by helping in the designing, constructing, and maintaining robots for technical companies and other various industries.
  • Academics: Mechanical engineers can continue their education and earn a master’s degree or even a Ph.D. degree in the future. They will have multiple disciplines to choose from. They can also contribute as a teacher.
  • Manufacturing Manager: Mechanical engineers can oversee the manufacturing process from the starting phase to its launching phase. 

Eligibility Criteria of Bachelor of Engineering In Mechanical

The eligibility criteria for studying BE Mechanical course in Nepal depends upon the university with which the student wants to be affiliated to.However, No matter which university students choose, there are two criterias that they must meet. They are:

  • They should have completed 12 years of schooling.
  • They should have passed the entrance examination with a threshold score conducted by the preferred university.

Let us look at the below table comparing the eligibility criteria for studying BE Mechanical in Tribhuvan University (TU) and Kathmandu University (KU).


Eligibility Criteria


Should have secured at least 45% in the intermediate level or equivalent by taking Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


Graduated from intermediate or equivalent course in science stream by taking Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry with minimum of 2.0 CGPA (50% on percentage scale) and at least grade C in each subject


Admission Requirement

To be admitted as a BE Mechanical student one has to first be eligible to study it and pass the entrance examination with the threshold score conducted by the respective university. Students can fill up the entrance examination form online or get information about it from the concerned administration.

Applicants who are appearing for the entrance examination should keep the following things in mind:

  • The type of the questions asked in the entrance exam is objective. 
  • Depending on the universities that conduct entrance exams, there could be a negative ranking system.
  • Securing just the pass mark in the entrance exam mightn’t be enough to be admitted to the BE mechanical course. Students are encouraged to secure maximum scores.
  • The notice containing exam details is issued by the respective university.

If the applicants receive admission into their preferred college, the following documents might be required:

  • Certificate and mark sheet of SEE / SLC.
  • Transcript of 10+2 or any equivalent course
  • Migration certificate of 10+2 or any equivalent course
  • Mark sheet of 10+2 or any equivalent course

Fee Structure

The fee structure for studying BE mechanical courses depends upon the universities. Since it is taught in a few government-funded colleges under Tribhuvan University. The price of studying it is less than that of other engineering degrees. However, it's cost at Kathmandu University is on the higher side.




Approximate Fee Structure in NPR

(in lakhs)








Note: The fee structure shown in the above table is the approximate value. Students are advised to visit the college administration to know about the price in detail. Upon doing so, they can know about the scholarships and discounts as well.


Both TU and KU provide scholarships to students who are interested in studying BE mechanical courses. It is provided based on merit list and also based on marks obtained by students in an entrance examination. 

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