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BE Software Course, Bachelor of Software Engineering


Bachelor of software engineering course is offered in Nepal by Pokhara University. This program lasts for 4 years, spanning over 8 semesters. This program is focused on software field, and thus is highly preferred by students who wants to become a software developer.

BE Software engineering courses encompasses both theoretical and practical aspects on areas such as programming languages, software design and development, database management, software engineering, software security, software testing, human computer interactions, and others. The curriculum is designed in such a comprehensive way that students can develop a robust, reliable, and scalable software applications.

Objectives of Bachelor of Software Engineering

The primary goal of to provide students knowledge and skills in developing software solutions for different screen size devices. The objectives of the BE Software Engineering course are as follow:

  • To provide students knowledge and skills in various programming languages like C, Java, Python, JavaScript, and others, so that they can become a software application developer after completion of this course.
  • To provide concepts of Database Management System where students learn how to design and develop normalized database architectures, write SQL queries, and learn several other concepts in Database that is essential.
  • To provide students the detailed knowledge of IT security where they study about different types of security attacks that a software may face, and the ways to protect them against such security threats.
  • To teach them about software testing approaches and quality assurance guidelines so that they can develop a reliable and robust software.
  • To provide students insights into best software practices and software engineering principles., so that they can develop high-quality, scalable software systems that fulfill the needs of various sectors.
  • To provide insights on current and emerging trends in software development field.
  • To develop other soft skills required to work in software development team within the company and stakeholders outside the company.

Eligibility of Bachelor of Software Engineering

To be eligible for admission to the Bachelor of Software Engineering course, students must have completed 10+2 with a science stream or equivalent, from a recognized institution, with at least a second division or "C" grade in each subject in grades 11 and 12, including theory and practical components.

Entrance Exam

In addition to fulfilling the fundamental academic prerequisites, candidates must secure a position on the merit roster of the respective university's entrance examination.

career and scope of Bachelor of Software Engineering

The next big question and probably the most frequently asked question about software engineering is, 

  • What is the career after software engineering course?
  • What is the salary after completing a software engineering degree?

As discussed above, the goal of BE software engineering course is to prepare students for software development fields. They work in various job roles related to software development such as programmers, software testers, security experts, AI developers, designers, and others. Here, we briefly discuss the common job sectors where software engineering graduates can find employment, along with their salary. 

Software Design and Development

Students who develop strong programming skills during their course of study go on to join career as software developers. They can work as a Python developer, JavaScript Developer, Java Developer, .NET developer or as a developer in some specific programming language. The trend of becoming a full stack developer is on high these days. , Software development is among the highest paid job in Nepal and internationally. People with software development skills get job easily. They also get highly paid for this job both in Nepal and international market such as US.

UI UX Developer

UI/UX development is a fundamental step in developing software systems. Hence, software engineering graduates can keep can consider this field and prepare themselves to become a UI/UX develper. The job is in high demand in software industry and, professional in this area earn lucaritive salaries.

Software Tester and Quality Assurance

Software Testing is an important phase in the software development life cycle. There are plenty of jobs in Nepal and international markets related to this area. Every software team needs a software tester to find out bugs in their product. Thus, students can build their career as software tester and quality assurance analyst. This profession is highly paid interms of salary. The starting salary in Nepal is around 40k, and the average salary is around 80k. In US software development markets, QA average salary is nearly $70k annually.

Database Developers

The job specific to Database Management systems are also available for software engineering graduates. Though not large in number as programmers but there are enough job one can compete for. They get handsomely payment both in Nepal and in international software markets. The average monthly salary in Nepal is 50k Nepalese currency and average salary in US is about $80k annually. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

This is the most growing industry in present time. All the companies are investing in exploring this field. So a software engineering graduates that equip himself/herself in AI or ML can get a job in this area. There is a good payment scale for professionals in this area. 

Game Developers

Mobile Application Developers: Mobile application development using React Native and Flutter is also in high demand. Most of the software are targeted to run in small screen sizes. So there is enough scope in this area. Students can prepare themselves to make a career in mobile apps development.

E-Commerce Developers

The trend of online shopping has flourished since few years. Thus ecommerce development is another area students can develop themselves for. 

After working several years in the above mentioned areas, one can upgrade their career into other field such as software project managers, and software analyst. The job roles, responsbilities and salary is discussed below.

Software Project Managers

It is seen that programmer and software developers after getting years of experience upgrade themselves into the role of software project managers. During their illustrious career, their job responsibilities includes meeting deadlines, communicating with clients, collaborating with team members and leading the team. Apart learning technical skills, software developers learn these managerial aspect in their career. Thus, a good programmer with all these traits can acquire the role of Software Project Managers in their career later on. 

Software Analyst

Professionals involved in the software development process are not concentrated in writing codes, more often they are exposed to various phases of software development. Thus, a programmer can later build their career as a software analyst.

fee structure of Bachelor of Software Engineering

Fee Structure

The fee structure for pursuing Bachelor of Software Engineering course in colleges affiliated to Pokhara University is between 500000 to 800000. However, colleges provides specific discount based on financial needs and academic performances of students in their +2 education. So it is advisable to students to understand about the tuititon fees with the respective college they wish to join.