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BEd Course, Bachelor of Education Degree

Powerful and charismatic politicians like Nelson Mandela believed that education was the most powerful nation in the modern world to bring the desirable changes in the development of mankind. Education gives people the information, abilities, and platform that a person requires to understand the world around them and even themselves. It contributes to personal development, national development, and globalization eventually. It gives the lens to see the changing world in modern times from past to present and into the possible future for advancements.


A competent teacher can help in students' learning process and personal development. The Bachelor of Education is an undergraduate course responsible for producing such teachers. The course is designed to provide society with educators who teach not the specialized subjects but the ethics and core values of humanism and existence. Bachelor of Education is one such academic degree offered by most Universities in Nepal to provide human resources in teaching positions in schools and other teaching careers like teaching assistant, substitute teacher, and private tutor.

BEd Course in Nepal

The history of education in Nepal started with the first school in 1853 called Durbar High School, founded by the Rana family. It saw various cusps of changes and high and low times in imparting education to Nepalese children due to political agendas. Individuals capable of educating the freshers were imported from India back in the day. Eventually, skilled educators emerged in the country who shared their knowledge and skills.

Bachelor of Education is the course that was introduced to produce capable high school teachers. From the situation of running Durbar High School and state regulations of compulsory education for children and the rise of schooling and school teachers requirements, from 1996, Tribhuvan University (TU) started providing a 3-year BEd course in Nepal. This was later changed into a 4-year curriculum in 2072 BS.

Including TU, 3 universities in Nepal provide the BEd course as of now. They are:

  • Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • Far-Western University (FWU)
  • Purbanchal University (PU)

General Information

A Bachelor of Education or BEd course is an undergraduate degree designed to produce capable secondary-level teachers. The duration of the program is 3 to 4 years depending upon the universities.

As mentioned earlier, there are a total of three universities in Nepal providing the course through more than 500 affiliated colleges.

However, other universities in Nepal also provide the Bachelor of Education with certain specializations. They are.

  • Kathmandu University provides a Bachelor of Education in Chinese Language Teaching
  • Mid-Western University provides a Bachelor of Educational Science in:
  1. Education, Planning, and Management
  2. English
  3. Health and Physical Education
  4. Mathematics
  5. Nepali

Course Structure

The BEd course structure may vary depending on the institution. However, the basic element is the same in every syllabus. The topics this program covers are similar and are designed to produce a capable educator.

The course requires students to specialize in one or two subject areas. These are the areas they can teach at the high school level. The number of specializations depends upon the university. 

objectives of Bachelor of Education(B.Ed)

The role of teachers and educators who take on the responsibility of educating the booming population of the country is unmeasurable. The demand for teachers, and trainers for educating students in primary, and secondary schooling, in growing public and private schools in nooks and corners of Nepal has created a strong demand for qualified and professional teachers with good qualifications in teaching which is by default BEd. or Bachelor of Education degree qualifications.

Now, let us look at the key objectives of the program:-

  • To help develop pedagogical skills, classroom management abilities, and a deep understanding of educational theories and practices are very important for any educator.
  • To provide educators with a grasp of child development and psychology because they deal with a large number of children from various backgrounds. It will aid them in understanding the emotional requirements of the kid.
  • To produce capable individuals who can contribute to the development and the update of the curriculum to meet the educational standards of the institution or a country.
  •   To teach the pupils about the ethics and moral code of a teacher.
  • To provide the learners with the assessment and evaluation skills that they will require as a teacher. 

Eligibility of Bachelor of Education(B.Ed)

The general requirement to enrol in BEd programs offered by Universities to Colleges in Nepal at undergraduate program are provided below:-

  • Should have completed their 10+2 or equivalent level with a minimum of 45% of D+ grade.
  • If the university administers an entrance examination, the applicants must clear it.
  • Eligibilities to study major subjects such as Nepali education, the candidate should have passed Plus 2 with Nepali of at least 200 marks
  • For English education, 50 percent marks at least in major English paper of Plus2/PCL
  • For Mathematics education, a major paper in Mathematics of at least 200 marks in Plus 2

Fee structure and scholarship of Bachelor of Education(B.Ed)

Admission Requirement

If any applicants are eligible to study the BEd course, they should proceed to admission by submitting the required documents. The following paperwork might be required.

  • Marksheet and character certificate of S.E.E or S.L.C.
  • Mark sheet, Transcript, migration, and character certificate of 10+2 or equivalent level.
  • Copy of citizenship or passport

Fee Structure

The fee structure of the BEd course is comparatively cheaper when compared with other undergraduate programs. However, there are irregularities among these costs depending upon the type of college. Private colleges tend to charge more fees than government-funded institutions.

The total cost of Bachelor of Education program in Universities of Nepal falls within the range of NPR 400000 to Rs 550000. 


Those who are pursuing the BEd course are provided scholarships either general or quota based on merit list and other different factors.

Students are advised to visit the preferred college for detailed information regarding scholarships. 

career and scope of Bachelor of Education(B.Ed)

The core profession close to a Bachelor of Education is the teaching area at the primary and secondary levels. They can also follow academia where they can write and share their own content, and thoughts and also associate in teaching and planning areas from these qualification timelines. However, teaching is not the only scope for the BEd degree passouts.

The following listed are some of the scopes of the Bachelor of Education course:-

  • Teaching: One of the purposes of the BEd course is to produce professional teachers who are capable of teaching various subjects depending on their specialization. The graduates can work as teachers in primary or secondary schools.
  • Curriculum Developer: It requires an expert who understands the various aspects and importance of education to develop and update the curriculum of certain courses. Such individuals can enhance the education system of the country.
    The BEd course degree holders can work as curriculum developers and design curricula for any educational institution.
  • Trainer: Teaching is not an easy job. Just understanding the subject does not make a good teacher. He/She should have skills to make others understand the subject matter and along with it should possess pedagogical skills. They should also have an understanding of child development to interact with them.
    The Bachelor of Education pass-outs can choose to train primary or secondary level teachers about all these aspects.
  • Government Sector: Governments launch different campaigns to educate those who are unable to read and write about different topics like public health, traffic safety, Anti-drug, human rights, and many more.
    It takes an educated and capable person to teach people about these topics. They give them the necessary knowledge and answer any questions that might arise. BEd graduates can be these educators.
  • NGOs/INGOs: Similar to the government's campaigns, different kinds of NGOs/INGOs launch their programs with similar intentions. They also seek help from the BEd course holders to work for them which can be the perfect job prospect for many.
  • Researcher: The education field should be up to date which is possible through good research. So if the BEd course scholars are interested in exploration then they can conduct studies to improve the teaching methods and curriculums to strengthen the education system of the country.

Besides these, students after passing out of the BEd course with a business mindset can open their own schools or educational institutions offering a certain kind of education. They can even open training centers for teachers and corporate employees.

Pursuing a higher education degree is another option for them as well. They can first get the postgraduate degree and finally the Ph.D.