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BFS Course, Bachelor of Film Studies Program

Filmmaking has a long history. With experimentation and time, it evolved. Many new ways were introduced but none were the rule. It is still evolving and always will. 

With its journey, it carried culture, emotions, history, and art to the next level. To preserve these and to understand the film, it has to be studied. 


Bachelor of Film Studies or simply BFS course is an undergraduate program that is designed to study movies in general and produce individuals who are capable of working in the industry and serving it. Cinema is a form of art which encompasses most of the art forms out there, from photography and sound design to writing and acting. It has everything. So, it is vast. 

The Bachelor of Film Studies course covers this vastness and attempts to provide a well-rounded education in the field of cinema. It focuses on movie criticism, history, philosophy, production, and different ways of visual storytelling.

BFS Course in Nepal

Although various institutions were providing short filmmaking courses in Nepal, there weren't any colleges offering Bachelor of Film Studies. Oscar International College, affiliated with Tribhuvan University (TU), started providing the BFS degree after 2061 B.S. 

Currently, two colleges in Nepal provide the BFS course. Nepal Film Campus is another one. Both of these institutions are affiliated with TU, making it the only university to provide this program. Individuals like Nir Shah, Nischal Basnet, Anup Baral, Min Bahadur Bham, Pravin Raut, Bimal Subedi, and many more are associated with these colleges.

General Information

Bachelor of Film Studies was a 3-year course when it was started. However, in the later curriculum, it was changed to 4 years. 

In these 4 years, students learn about different aspects of film-making. Also, there are other theoretical subjects that they have to study as a part of the course. From film history to human psychology, the course covers a wide range of topics. 

Here are some of the topics that students will learn throughout the course: 

  • Psychology and Film Studies
  • Introduction To Sociology and Visual Anthropology
  • Film Making Fundamentals
  • Cinema Theory and Criticism

Students can specialize in any of the following when they graduate from the BFS course. 

  • Screenplay Writing and Direction
  • Acting 
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Sound Recording and Design

Objective of BFS

The primary purpose of the BFS course is to enhance the film knowledge of an individual and produce competent personnel in the Nepali movie industry. 

Here are some objectives of the course:-

  • To train motivated, imaginative, and passionate workers for the film and television industries.
  • To increase understanding and enjoyment of film as a major art form by providing expertise in literature, sociology, psychology, and other social sciences.
  • To expose students to a variety of cinema to help them develop their technical abilities and grow their passion while helping them comprehend the creative vision of filmmaking.
  • To train graduates who can advance, promote, and grow the digital media and movie industries in our nation.
  • To promote cultural awareness and preserve it through cinema. 
  • To help in the creation of appealing characters, intriguing plots, and the effective use of cinematic methods to deliver their intended messages.

Eligibility for BFS

The applicants should meet the following criteria to be eligible to study the Bachelor of Film Studies course: -

  • Should have completed their 10+2 or equivalent level in any discipline with a minimum of 40% of D+ grade or 2.0 CGPA.  
  • Should clear the entrance examination conducted by the university and face the interview. 

Scope of BFS

The Nepali film industry is evolving. Various new methods and technologies are being used to make movies. Amidst all these, the manpower to deal with these techniques is also required. So, it is safe to assume that pursuing a career in cinema in Nepal is safe. 

Here are some scopes of the BFS course: -

  • Actors: 

The BFS graduating students are taught acting as well. They can pursue their career as actors and bring the character to life. They can convey emotions, thoughts and ideas to characters through acting.

  • Directors: 

The BFS course graduates can pursue their careers as directors of movies, documentaries, advertisements, music videos, and many more. They will be responsible for bringing the written words to life. 

  • Screenwriter: 

Screenplay is the blueprint for the cinema or videos of any genre. Those who studied a Bachelor of Film Studies course can serve as screenwriters and give words to the stories.

  • Editors: 

Any cinema after being shot has to be edited to achieve coherent and engaging content. BFS graduates can edit films and videos for a living.

  • Film Productions: 

There are different departments which are assigned to serve a certain purpose. For example, the set design team builds structures and spaces for the film. 

There has to be someone to overlook the overall department. The BFS graduates can be that person. 

  • Foley Artists: 

Audio is an integral part of filmmaking. The real feeling of the movie is provided through not only visuals but also sounds. 

Those individuals who create these sounds in the studio are called foley artists. BFS degree holders can pursue their career in this field. 

  • Critics and Analysts:

Any art form requires criticism and analysis for it to prosper and to develop. The cinema is no exception. BFS courseholders can be movie critics and analysts.

  • Cinematographer: 

BFS graduates can serve as a cinematographer in the film. They will be responsible for visual storytelling and establishing the mood and aesthetic of the cinema. 

While these are the major scopes for the BFS graduates, there are a few others that are worth mentioning. They are: 

  • Film Distribution & Marketing 
  • Film Preservation and Restoration
  • Documentary Filmmaking
  • Cinema Finance and Management 
  • Journalism

Admission Requirement for BFS

If any applicants are eligible to study the BFS course, they should proceed to admission by submitting the required documents. The following paperwork might be required.

  • Marksheet, character certificate, and certificate of SEE or SLC. 
  • Mark sheet, Transcript, migration, and character certificate of 10+2 or equivalent level. 
  • Copy of citizenship or passport

Fee Structure

Both the colleges that provide the BFS course are private colleges. So, the cost of studying it is designed by them. The approximate fee structure for studying this degree is around Rs. Five lakhs to Rs. Six lakhs. 

However, this value is just an estimated one. So, students are advised to visit the colleges to find out the actual fee.


Both colleges provide scholarships to students who want to pursue their bachelor-level education in filmmaking courses in Nepal. They do so according to their policies. 

But, there are various organizations, both national and international, that provide the scholarship. Nepal’s Film Development Board is one of them. 

Note: Interested candidates can get detailed information regarding the topic from the college.