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BIM: Course, Full Form, Colleges, Fees, Admission, Entrance, Syllabus

Information technology has intertwined itself into almost every sector of our society. Business is no exception to it. It requires immense help from the IT department for any business to flourish and stand out in the market. They can establish an e-commerce website and help in promotion.

Along with this, if we add manpower with exceptional managerial skills to the organization, it is bound to perform well. These professionals will strategize policies and channel resources to meet the target and compete with the rivals.

Now Imagine a single individual who possesses knowledge of both IT and management, they will be unstoppable and always in demand. The Bachelor of Information Management course (BIM) is a program designed to produce such personnel. 


The BIM course integrates two different fields of education; IT and management. The BIM degree provides the study of information technology systems concerning business. In simple language, we can say that it is designed to produce manpower who can optimize the outcome of any enterprise with the help of IT.

BIM Course in Nepal

A lot of businesses in Nepal are changing their business models these days to focus more on e-commerce than on traditional methods. This created the requirement for manpower who could handle the online business and market it to reach a wide range of audiences through the internet.

There needs to be more than the conventional ways of marketing and policies to uplift sales and garner profit. The technological and management aspect of the business has to join hands for this purpose. It required huge usage of resources for organizations to maintain professionals from two sectors.

Realizing this, Tribhuvan University initiated a BIM course in Nepal. This program is designed to help students build IT skills while also preparing them to work as managers in different sectors. 

General Information about BIM Course

Bachelor of Information Management is an undergraduate program of the Faculty of Management, Tribhuvan University.There are 45 campuses offering this program. This program was designed for professionals in the Management and Information Technology fields. It integrates knowledge of both, where there are business, information technology and computer courses, electives, and internship works to balance the learned knowledge and skills into practical lessons of real-life situations in IT areas.

TU allocated more than 2000 seats for the BIM course which is distributed amongst the colleges. Students will have to secure their position in their preferred colleges by attending and passing the entrance examination.

There are 126 credit hours in the BIM course. Students must complete it with a minimum passing grade in all subjects with an aggregate of 3.00 CGPA.

BIM syllabus

The BIM syllabus is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of both information technology and business management. Let us take a glance into some of the areas that the Bachelor of Information Management course structure covers;

  • Programming Languages
  • Web Technology
  • IT ethics and cybersecurity
  • Database Management
  • Application Development
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Business Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing Techniques

Aside from these topics, the BIM syllabus also includes different elective topics, internships, and project works which ensures that students get hands-on experience and a better understanding of the industry during their study.


The primary purpose of the Bachelor of Information Management course is to produce manpower who possess both IT knowledge and managerial skills. Besides these, here are some of the objectives of the BIM program;

  • To equip students with the technical expertise required in the IT sector
  • To teach them how to design information systems and use them to enhance the performance of the organization.
  • To improve student's skills in object-oriented software development and data management systems.
  • To help them develop a strong understanding of business.
  • To impart knowledge about the principles and roles of management.
  • To develop leadership, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills among the students required by a manager. 


The university sets the basic eligibility criteria that students must meet to study the BIM course. They are;

  • Students should complete at least twelve years of schooling from any institution recognized by the university with a minimum of second division.
  • The applicants for the BIM course should have secured second division or 1.8 CGPA or D+ grade in their intermediate or equivalent level.
  • They should pass the CMAT (entrance examination for Bachelor of Information Management) with the threshold score.


Since the Bachelor of Information Management course integrates two subjects matter; IT and management, the graduates have higher chances of finding jobs related to both areas. They can pursue their career in the commerce sector or develop their portfolio to work in the IT industry.

Here are some of the Job prospects for the BIM course graduates:

  • Software and Web Developer
  • Database and Network Administrator
  • IT Security Specialist
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Human Resources
  • Policy Maker
  • E-commerce Manager

These job titles are just a few among many that are available for BIM graduates. There are a multitude of scopes for this program. Depending upon one's interest and capability, they can build their career in any industry they choose.

Besides this, the BIM course graduates can pursue their education to receive post-graduate degrees in related topics. They can work in the academic field as lecturers as well. 


Admission Requirement

Any students who are interested in studying a BIM course in Nepal should attend the entrance examination (CMAT) held by the colleges under university guidance. They have to secure at least 40% of the total marks to secure a spot for themselves in any college.

The CMAT Entrance exam is a eligibility exam for the BIM program to TU affiliated BIM Colleges in Nepal. It is conducted by Faculty of Management Tribhuvan University. The questions are asked in groups of verbal, quantitative, logical reasoning and general awareness. Each components carry 25 percent weightages:

  • Question type- Objective
  • Total Marks- 100
  • Duration of the test- 90 minutes
  • The threshold score is 40% of the total marks.
  • The college considers the CMAT score while preparing the merit list.

The merit list is prepared by considering the following aspects;

  • 60% of the CMAT Entrance exam.
  • 30% of marks obtained in intermediate or equivalent
  • 10% Interview

Once students clear both the written test and interview, they can proceed for admission. The college might ask for the following documents with them;

  • Marksheet, character, and proof certificate of SEE/ SLC
  • Transcript, mark sheet and migration, and character certificate of 10+2 or any equivalent level.
  • Copy of citizenship

BIM Fee Structure

The BIM fee structure mainly depends upon the type of college that is providing it. Public and private Colleges charge differently the first is cheaper as compared to latter in Nepal. The administrative departments of BIM Colleges in Nepal can provide fees of their BIM program in their respective Colleges. Some Colleges charging for BIM are:

Colleges Total BIM Cost
IMS NPR 5,60,000
College of Applied Business and Technology NPR 5,35,000


Anyone who is pursuing a BIM course in Nepal is entitled to the scholarships. According to the college’s policies, the full semester tuition cost will be waived for the semester topper in each semester.

Also, A few of the students who completed their SEE/SLC and 10+2 from government or community school/college will be awarded a scholarship. Besides this, there might be a partial scholarship for capable students and for those who come from a marginalized background.