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BIT Course, Bachelor Of Information Technology

BIT course, full form Bachelor of Information Technology is one of the most sought-after undergraduate courses across the world. It is garnering immense popularity among youths who desire to become IT professionals.

In the past few decades BIT course has become the top priority among those who are willing to pursue their career in the IT sector. This curriculum is globally applicable with diversity in the scope it promises.


Technology has become an integral part of human life. Living without its usage is somewhat unthinkable. With such progress in the sector it is understandable that many of the young individuals are seeking BIT courses for their undergraduate program.

The course offers individuals with enough knowledge in any IT related field. Listed below are few out of many things that BIT course provides:

  • Unlike other IT related programs it offers core and elective courses.
  • It provides students with the knowledge of programming language which is most for IT experts.
  • It offers students with knowledge about networking and cybersecurity.
  • Student can get insight about various topics like:
    1. Software Development
    2. Web Development
    3. Database Management
    4. Data Analysis

Furthermore, let’s take a glance at different prospects of BIT course in Nepal.

BIT Course in Nepal

The world is developing in technological sectors and so is Nepal. Many technological and software companies are established in Nepal. Along with it, the demand for the IT personnel has increased.

So, to meet those demands and to supply an individual capable of handling complex IT related problems in the market, the BIT course was first introduced in Nepal in 2076 B.S by Tribhuvan University (TU).

Despite it being the latest course the number of students pursuing it is increasing. And, it is safe to assume that these numbers will increase in the coming year.

General Information about BIT Course

The BIT course is the 4 year, 8 semester undergraduate program designed to meet the increasing IT experts demands. The foreign university affiliated colleges however are of 3 years.










(in year)



















Credit Hours 






120 or above

Number of Colleges






Credit Hours, Transfers, and Withdrawal

The total credit hours for this course ranges from 120-140. The students can view the credit hours of respective universities in the table above in the general information section. Students are entitled to transfer or withdraw the credit hours they have earned. The concerned department of the college/university is responsible for it. Students can get the required information from there as well.

Graduation Requirement for BIT Course

Any students will be considered as graduated if they meet the following requirement:

  • If they complete all the credit hours as prescribed
  • If they pass every examination with minimum grades.

Grading System

The grading system for the BIT course is:

Marks Range


















Below 50


Below 2.70

objectives of bachelors of information technology

The major objective of the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) course is to provide comprehensive knowledge on IT in order to produce individuals capable enough to deal with the complex computing and information technology related problems.

The other objective of the BIT degree are:

  • To provide students with the in-depth knowledge about the programming language required in the IT field, helping them to create softwares and applications.
  • To address the IT related demand and supply capable individuals.
  • To develop one’s problem solving ability.
  • To identify the technological issues developed in different private or governmental sectors and deal with it effectively.
  • To provide students with plentiful knowledge required in networking and cybersecurity.

Eligibility for Bachelors of Information Technology

Any applicants should have the following criteria to study Bachelor of Information Technology course from universities of  Nepal:

  • They should have finished twelve years of schooling.
  • They must pass the entrance examination conducted by the universities by securing at least 35%.
  • They should have completed 10+2 or an equivalent program with at least grade "C" or above in each subject.
    They should have completed A level with a minimum of grade “D.”

These are the basic requirements that applicants need to meet to study the course. However, there might be additional criteria depending upon the universities.

To get the detailed information about the eligibility criteria applicants are advised to visit the desired college.

The criteria to study BIT courses in the colleges affiliated to foreign universities is slightly different than that of the above. For more information, interested candidates should visit the college's websites or contact them personally.

Admission Requirement for BIT Course

Any individual who is willing and is also eligible to study the BIT course in Nepal should collect the entrance examination form (if entrance is required) from the preferred colleges.

After filling the form with the required information they should submit it to the college administration.

Applicants who are appearing for the entrance examination should keep following things in mind:

  • All of the questions on the entrance exam are objective.
  • The full mark is 100 and the pass mark is 35.
  • The applicants must secure at least passing marks to be eligible.
  • The notice about details regarding the exam is issued by the respective university.

The documents that the applicants might require for the admission are:

  • SEE / SLC certificate and marksheet
  • Transcript of 10+2 or any equivalent course
  • Migration certificate of 10+2 or any equivalent course

Fee structure and scholarship of Bachelor of Information Technology

Fee Structure

BIT course fees in Nepal vary considerably depending on the university or college of choice. For instance, the cost of getting a BIT degree in universities of Nepal is less when compared to the price of foreign university affiliated colleges.

Furthermore, the private institutions tend to charge higher as compared to the government-funded institution. The approximate fee structure is shown in the table below:








Fee Structure in NPR

(in lakhs) 







Note: The fee structure provided above is the approximate value. Students are advised to contact the university/college of choice to find the exact fee structure.

Scholarships for BIT Students

Not all the university provides scholarships to the student pursuing BIT course. However, some might offer it based on the merit list. The price structure can be deduced to some extent upon talking with the respective administration.

career and scope of Bachelor of Information Technology

The BIT course provides students with the knowledge and expertise in the field of both Information Technology. The abundant knowledge gained from comprehensive study and internship helps graduates to choose their careers from multiple IT  sectors.


Following are the scopes and job possibilities for BIT graduates:

  • Software Development: 
    After graduating from the course the students will be equipped with the knowledge required to design, maintain and develop the softwares. They can work for different firms or businesses and help them develop the softwares as per the requirement.
  • Database Management: 
    The degree holders can work in the database management. They can develop the database and make it easier for any company to access, store and maintain the required data.
  • Networking: 
    The recipient of this course can work in the networking sector. They can build the networking system for corporate business or any other businesses.
  • Cybersecurity: 
    For any companies the data theft, hacking and malwares are the subject of concern. To tackle these problems, the graduates can work as ethical hackers or develop firewalls.
  • Data Science and Analytics: 
    The competition in the market for any business requires data collection and analysis. The degree holder can meet those demands and work as a data scientist or analyst.
  • AI Development: 
    It is safe to say that the usage of AI is increasing along with its popularity. The graduates can develop new AI or work for the companies that focus on its development.
  • Game Development: 
    One form of entertainment for many is games. It has become an indispensable source for escapism. So, the graduates can pursue their career in game development.
  • Mobile App Development: 
    Almost every adult human owns a mobile in today's date. It has become a basic requirement. So, the career in Mobile app development is wide and always in demand. The scholars can pursue their career as app developers.
  • Entrepreneurship: 
    The innovative and creative individuals can create new softwares, apps or websites to start their own venture.