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BTech Biotechnology Course

Today the field of Science and technology has become highly developed. Cutting-edge technology, scientific breakthroughs, and research findings have been the real factors in this development. One such arena in the scientific revolution is the Biotechnology field. This area of study deals with areas trends in biotechnology obtained from molecular biology and genomics of organisms which in natural and modified form can be applied to create a different product from industries and academic institutions of this field. Some popular biotechnology examples are bacteria and cultural yeast, antibiotics, biofuel production, vaccines, regenerative therapies, biotech skin care products, etc.

Eligibility of Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology

The eligibility criteria to study BTech Biotechnology are provided below;

Kathmandu University

Purbanchal University

  • Must have passed their intermediate or equivalent level by taking science ( PCM or PCB) 
  • Should have secured at least 50% or 2.0 CGPA in aggregate
  • Should have cleared their 10+2 or equivalent level in science stream ( by taking Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English) 
  • Should have gotten at least 45% or 2.0 CGPA aggregate. 

Kathmandu and Purbanchal University will announce and call for their own respective entrance examinations administered by them where the candidates have to appear and pass the entrance exam with 50% minimum out of total marks and sit for an interview to be selected on a merit basis.

fee structure and admission requirements Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology

Admission Requirement

Universities providing BTech Biotechnology courses open up an entrance examination form for those wanting to pursue this degree. Applicants must fill up the form and submit it to the respective colleges. 

Below listed are some of the points that the entrance applicants might find useful: 

  • Question type- Objective 
  • Students must clear the entrance examination with at least 50 percentile.
  • The institutions consider the marks obtained in this test to prepare the merit list for scholarships. 

Once students clear the admission test and are eligible to proceed for admission might have to submit the following paperwork; 

  • Marksheet, character, and proof certificate of SEE/ SLC
  • Transcript, mark sheet and migration, and character certificate of 10+2 or any equivalent course
  • Copy of citizenship
  • Admit card for the entrance exam

Fee Structure

BTech Biotechnology course being both engineering and natural science is expensive as compared to other normal degrees. However, it is not as high as many of the core science programs. The Btech Biotechnology fee structure depends upon various factors depending upon the type of college and the facilities available. The government-funded campus charges less than the private institutions.

Kathmandu University Total cost NPR 872000

Purbanchal University Total cost NPR 725000


There is a provision of scholarships allocated for interested individuals who want to pursue a Bachelor's program in Biotechnology from Universities in Nepal. There are a total of 136 seats available for the program.

Out of those 136 seats, a certain number is allocated for the scholarships depending upon government rules and university policies. The total number of scholarships is divided into general and quota categories.

Purbanchal University offers up to 100 percent total scholarship in Artificial Intelligence programs (5 percent for meritorious and 5 percent for marginalized)

Kathmandu University offers scholarship funds, need and merit-based scholarships, UGC Formula Funding Scholarship, and Loan Scholarships to Biotechnology program students of Bachelor level.

career and scope of Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology

In the applied area of life sciences Biotechnology is a boon to study and make a rewarding career in these fields. Its application has a wide range of areas. Because of this, the scope of the course is solid and secure. Here are some of the job prospects for the program;

  • Researcher
  • Biotechnologist Process Engineer
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Officer
  • Pharmacologist
  • Microbiologist
  • Food Scientist
  • Environmental Engineer

Besides this, students after graduating from the BTech Biotechnology course can pursue their careers as an entrepreneurs. They can be active in the academic field by teaching newcomers. Alternatively, the graduates of Biotechnology bachelor degrees can also start postgraduate MSc in Biotechnology and research education field offered by Universities offering this program in Nepal.


The first undergraduate degree program in Biotechnology was started by Kathmandu University of Dhulikhel in Nepal from their own department of Biotechnology. It is a four-year full-time semester study program that combines pure science, mathematics, Information systems, and Engineering principles students develop skills of research, problem-solving, analytical, logical, and mathematical skills while they are learning this four-year program of a total of 151 credit hours of studies.

BTech Biotechnology Course in Nepal

There has been increasing attraction for science and technology students to pursue Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology undergraduate programs offered by the University in Nepal. Along with it, the Btech biotechnology course is also getting its due. It is popular amongst those interested in innovations and has a keen interest in biology.

Kathmandu University first started providing BTech biotechnology courses in Nepal in 2003. Later on, Purbanchal University launched a similar program. Currently, these two are the only institutions providing the degree.

The Btech Biotechnology course is extremely important in Nepal. It is useful for agriculture as well as medical science with breakthrough discoveries and facts used to save lives. It also helps in the production and promotion of sustainable agriculture productions and infrastructures in the context of Nepal.

General Information

BTech Biotechnology course is a 4-year undergraduate degree of total eight semesters and 151 credit hours of study. Purbanchal University also provides a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology of eight semesters, a year study program in their affiliated Colleges in Nepal.

The table below provides the number of colleges, and seats with respect to the university that provides the BTech Biotechnology course.


No. of Colleges

No. of Seats







Course Structure

The curriculum as mentioned earlier, integrates Pure Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Information technology, and research methodology principles in the overall course formulations:

You can find these headings in the syllabus designed for the Bachelor program in Biotechnology from Universities in Nepal:

  • Information System Technology
  • Biosafety and Bioethics
  • Microbiology
  • Genetics
  • Cell Biology
  • Immunology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Animal Cell Culture Technology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Seminar presentations

Objectives of Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology

The study objectives of the Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology program are:

  • To provide comprehensive knowledge on biotechnology and related topics.
  • To help develop education in genetic engineering.
  • To help them adapt to the constantly evolving field that biotechnology.
  • To assist students in producing a diverse range of crops and animal types with unique and highly useful characteristics.
  • To understand how life science discoveries affect humans and the environment.
  • To strengthen ethics in the applied areas of science and research genres.