Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

Travelling has become one of the basic needs in the modern world. It is often associated with spirituality, escapism, experience, adventure, and exploration. This helps in boosting the travel and tourism industry.

The Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management or BTTM  course stands out regarding education in traveling, touristry, and management.

Those individuals who are interested in working in the hospitality industry, enjoy adventure, and love to explore new places can pursue this course as their higher education.

Overview of Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

The BTTM course is designed to prepare students for the travel and tourism industry. It provides them with a comprehensive knowledge of the sector and the management skills required for it.                 

The course is essential not only to meet the demand but also in terms of tourism development, cultural awareness, and contribution to the country’s economy.

BTTM Course in Nepal

The BTTM course is an emerging degree for Nepal because the tourism industry of the country is at its highest. New places are being explored and it’s garnering a huge number of tourists, both domestic and international.

Travel has immense potential in Nepal. But, to meet that, an experienced manpower is required. Those individuals must be experts in this field.

BTTM course is one such undergraduate degree that produces such experts to meet the demand.

Three Nepali universities are providing the BTTM course. They are:

  • Tribhuvan University (TU)
  • Madhyapaschim University (MU)
  • Lumbini Buddhist University (LBU)

Beside this some colleges affiliated with the foreign university also provide the BTTM course.

Also, some equivalent or similar courses are offered by other Nepali universities and they are:

  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management by Kathmandu University. It is a 4-year course with 132 credit hours.
  • Bachelor of Travel And Tourism Studies by Purbanchal University. It is a 3-year degree with 117 credit hours.
  • BBA in Travel and Tourism by Pokhara University. It is a 4-year undergraduate degree with 123 credit hours. 

General Information

The BTTM course is a 4-year undergraduate degree with a total of 8 semesters. The average credit hour of the course is 120.

Now, let us look at the comparative study of the number of colleges, seats available, and credit hours across different universities in Nepal providing the BTTM course.


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Talking about the course structure, throughout the program the students explore different aspects of the travel and tourism industry. They learn about its history, its current situation, prospects and about different elements that make it work.

This course provides a comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry, covering everything from its advertising and hospitality management to sustainable practices and tour planning.

Some of the topics that the BTTM course covers throughout 8 semesters are:

  • Fundamentals of travel and tourism management
  • Business finance
  • Tour guiding & escorting skills
  • Eco and E-tourism
  • Strategic management
  • Tourism economics, marketing, legislation, planning & policies

The course also allows its students to gain experience through internships and exposure to the travel and tourism industry.

At the end of the BTTM course students will be equipped with both knowledge and experience in the related field. They will be ready to pursue their career in the field of tourism, hospitality or travel as a trained individual.

Universities Offering Course Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management
Tribhuvan University
Kathmandu University
Purbanchal University
Queen Margaret University
Indira Gandhi National Open University
International Management Institute
University of Sunderland
Sripatum University

Objectives of Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

The main objectives of the BTTM course are:

  • To equip students with the knowledge and foundation of the travel and tourism industry.
  • To develop the skills required to plan, operate and manage the tours and its related programs.
  • To promote the potential tourist destination through the culture that the place holds.
  • To develop the communication, ethical and problem-solving skills required in the hospitality sector.
  • To recognize the significance and purposes of marketing, planning, measuring, and administration in the industry.
  • To provide an understanding of the tourism sector and its operation both in theories and practices.
  • To give a basis for further study in the related field. 

Career and Scope of Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

Travel and tourism industry is not limited to Nepal. Every nook and corner of the world, every country has their potential in this sector. If we look at it that way, the scope of the BTTM course is extremely wide and huge.

Some of the career paths for BTTM graduates are:

  • Travel Consultants:

A person with a passion for adventure, exploration and a sense of the tourism industry and a BTTM degree can pursue their career as a travel consultant.

They can provide different forms of hospitality service to the tourists, internal or external and help make their journey noteworthy.

  • Tour Operator:

Tour operators can be the best career choice for BTTM graduates. They can plan the tour of the person or the whole group, manage it and organize it.

  • Hotels Manager:

With proper hospitality knowledge and an insight into the tourism industry one can work as the hotel manager. They can oversee different aspects of travel for their guests.

  • Promoting Tourist Destinations:

The BTTM degree holders can work as tourism promoters. They can contribute to promoting certain places through different multimedias. It will increase the number of tourists visiting the places.

  • Travel Journalism:

Travel journalism is a desired job for a lot of individuals. They can write about different destinations, their experience and other various factors related to the trip.

  • Entrepreneurship:

In the BTTM course, students can start their own travel-related business and contribute to the industry.

  • Freelancing:

Another career choice after completion of the course can be freelancing. An individual can make videos about travelling and post them on YouTube or other platforms for the public to see.

They can write travel-related content. There are multiple options in the field of freelancing. Not only will they earn a living out of it but also promote the tourism of a place.  

Eligibility Criteria of Bachelor of Travel and Tourism Management

The students should meet the following criteria to be eligible to study the BTTM course.

  • Students should have completed their 10+2 or any equivalent level with at least a second division or 1.8 CGPA.
  • Must have English as a full paper (200 marks) in their 10+2 or equivalent.
  • Should clear the entrance examination conducted by the respective university.

Admission Requirement

Each university providing the BTTM course administers the entrance examination as part of the admission process. Applicants must clear this examination to be eligible to study the program.

After the applicants clear their entrance examination, they should give a personal interview. The selection is made based on the student’s academic achievement, entrance test scores and performance on the interview.

After students are selected by the respective university to study the BTTM course, they might have to submit the following documents for the admission procedure.

  • Marksheet, character certificate and certificate of S.E.E or S.L.C.
  • Transcript, Migration certificate, Mark sheet and character certificate of 10+2 or any equivalent course

Fee Structure

The fee structure of the BTTM course depends upon various factors like the type of the institution, the affiliation of the college and the services the colleges provide.

The government-funded colleges are competitively cheaper than the private colleges.

Considering all the factors, the approximate range for studying a BTTM course is NPR 1,50,000 to 3,00,000.

Since the price provided here is an approximate value, students should visit the preferred college to learn about the fees in detail.


The universities providing the BTTM course offer the scholarship to their students as per their policies.

Students are advised to contact the respective administration to learn about the scholarship policies of their desired university. 

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