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  • Bachelor of Arts
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  • Bachelor of Education
  • B.Ed in Information Communication Technology

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Located in Dadeldhura, Dadeldhura Campus always aspires to offer top notch bachelor programs. The educational delivery of this college is at a different level which is why it has been able to attract a lot of students. Dadeldhura Campus has an excellent academic ambience with a student-centered, caring, pragmatic approach. The college provides superb facilities including well-stocked library and healthy cafeteria. Above all, it motivates its students in every step to help them achieve their career goals.

Dadeldhura Campus

Academic Programs at Dadeldhura Campus

Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts offered by the campus is designed to develop student’s theoretical understanding and methodological skills of specific subjects. The program prepares students to make the career in diverse sectors, including INGO, NGO, social work activism, consultancy, journalism, teaching and Government Organization services.


Bachelor of Education

The three years program conducted by the campus intends to prepare academically sound and skilled teachers who are able to teach in the secondary level. The program provides both theoretical concept and practical skills.

B.Ed in Information Communication Technology

The Bachelor of Education in Information Communication Technology degree conducted at the college shall extend over duration of three academic years. It is designed to produce competent, creative and skilled human resources which are easily utilized in multiple sectors.

Additional Information

Life in Dadeldhura:

Dadeldhura lies in a far-western region. It is popular for desert-mountainous landscape and local religious temples. One of the popular tourist destinations, it is developing faster than any other region. Find means of transportation is not a big deal in city areas. Talking about its temperature, it is bit hot in summer and winter is cooler. The highest temperature recorded till this date is 34.3 degree Celsius and lowest temperature is -5.0 degree Celsius.

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Dadeldhura Campus

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