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Dhawalagiri Technical School

Contact Information

Phone: 01-+977-69-690028 | Email: [email protected] | Website:

Dhawalagiri Technical School (DTS), a proud member of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT), was founded in 1994 AD (2051 BS) in Thasang Rural Municipality-03, Mustang. DTS provides a range of pre-diploma programs designed to nurture talents in various fields, including:

  • Livestock Production/Animal Health
  • Agriculture (Plant Science)
  • Hotel Management
  • Culinary Arts (Cooking/Baking)

Principal Message

We extend a warm welcome on behalf of Dhawalagiri Technical School's faculty, staff, and administration. Our institution is a haven for limitless learning, dedicated to fostering educational excellence. Our mission is to cultivate socially conscious, knowledgeable, and productive global citizens through quality programs delivered by our skilled and devoted staff within a nurturing environment. As the Principal, I am honored to lead this institution with a rich history and commitment to innovation. We strive to provide cutting-edge learning experiences, preparing students and faculty alike for success in the 21st century. Join us in exploring our diverse programs and engaging in our positive culture through various activities, and feel free to contact me via email for any inquiries about our mission and goals. Your journey with Dhawalagiri Technical School promises a bright and enriching future.

Khadag Bahadur Subba



The facilities and amenities provided by Dhawalagiri Technical School (DTS) include:

  • Separate Hostel Accommodation for Boys and Girls
  • Affordable On-Campus Canteen
  • Practical Training Hotel
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities
  • Agricultural Land for Practice
  • Livestock Farm

Additional Information

Admission at Dhawalagiri Technical School (DTS):

Candidates who wish to enroll themselves at DTS can visit for detailed regarding the eligibility and criteria for Admission.

The various programs at Dhawalagiri Technical are as follows:

Diploma in Agriculture (Veterinary Science)