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East-Pole Secondary School

Contact Information

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East Pole Secondary School was founded in 1995. It offers + 2 in Management under the National Examinations Board. This college delivers outstanding education with appropriate amenities for students' personal and academic achievement, as well as the care and security that they require. It provides the best teaching approaches and critical thinking methodologies. The academic program, which is innovatively created with research-based learning, provides students with wide skills and knowledge that extend beyond the walls of classrooms. They become lifelong learners. It is located in Jorpati, Kathmandu, has attained a watershed moment in education.

Principal Message

For the last 25 years, East Pole Secondary School has been serving the community and is a leader in education innovation. We have best teaching practices on critical thinking methodologies with active outside-the-classroom learning environments. We have placed a high value on developing independent and confident young adults. Our students become lifelong learners.

We look for wholesome development with our shared values of compassion, generosity, social responsibility, and global outlook to make positive contributions to the world and society. 

I am delighted to welcome everyone.

Rajesh Rai


Why East Pole School ?

You can choose East Pole Secondary School out of other colleges due to these reasons:

  • Holistic Learning with best teaching practices
  • Research Oriented Action Learning
  • Outstanding Facilities
  • Creative knowledge of the changing world
  • Qualified and Experienced Faculty
  • Accessible from different parts of the capital city.

Scholarships at East Pole School

Scholarship at East Pole Secondary School is given to those outstanding and deserving students from weak financial backgrounds.


The facilities provided are as follows:

  • State of Art Modern Building,
  • Computer & Science Labs,
  • Scholarship,
  • Sports,
  • Education Tour,
  • Multimedia Classrooms,
  • Conference Halls,
  • Library

The various programs at East Pole School are as follows:

+2 Management