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Einstein Academy Secondary School, established in 2001, is a contemporary and dynamic institution for scholars who have a distinct approach to life and careers. The courses in this establishment are affordable and the classroom environments are conducive and healthy.

The founders of Einstein Academy were the product of many years of hardship, working experience, and knowledge that which the band of professional academicians accumulated working in and out of Nepal —At length, kindling the stout base for Einstein Academy. It is the sum of their dedication and premonition that set forth the need to inaugurate a goal-oriented educational system in Nepal which would be under the constant guidance of highly-qualified teachers, instructors, and technicians.

It is the founder's belief that most students (If not every) under the umbrella of the Academy would come to share and emulate the same cognitive intellectuals as the great Scientist Albert Einstein. Einstein Academy Secondary School is the culmination of a high-level integrated modern instructional approach, dernier cri facilities, unrivaled technical standards, academic support service, and an abundance of Extra Curricular activities with a unique motto that always seems to excel: “Excellence is the Goal.”

Located at Ring Road, Lalitpur—Einstein Academy Secondary School offers academic programs for +2 and Bachelor students. Although the Bachelor program is much limited to the four intriguing years of BBS study, it allows for management to focus and deliver ace results in BBS. Consequently, +2 level education makes up for the diversity that Bachelor lacks by providing courses in all three faculties: Science, management, and Humanities.

Missions & Vision

In this new era of the millennium, the uttermost ingenious quality of education is considered paramount. And it surely is, therefore, the mission of Einstein Academy is to aid all students to make their mark on a personal level, educational decree, and career goals. The Academy does so by using the paradigm of five levels:

•Self-Discipline & Confidence

To ingrain a sense of discipline, and garner confidence which goes into the development of a wholesome personality.

•Responsible and Accountable

Nurturing the students in order to mold them into responsible and accountable citizens who are competent enough to make harsh decisions and cope with changes.

•Personal Development

 Encouraging the students in achieving remarkable academic results through personal development

•International Recognition

To offer the level of education which would be paramount internationally.

•Quality & Affordability

A remarkable quality of education at a reasonable price

Why Einstein Academy ?

The pedagogy used to tailor students at Einstein Academy could very much be summed up in a word or two: professional integrated modern approach or positive reinforcements. In order to achieve that, regular orientation and counseling classes are held which renders the circular ramification of teaching → Evaluation → Feedback → Reinforcement → teaching binding them in a loop whose mere existence is to give students unyielding positivity and meticulous education.

Scholarships at Einstein Academy

Einstein Academy had offered and launched many scholarship events in the past from which students have benefited the most. It was fairly a new thing in 2001 when Einstein Academy was at the heart of incepting students with scholarships. Recently, the victims of an unfortunate earthquake on April 25th, 2015 had been awarded perks of scholarships. But right now, it is being awarded to the SEE and +2 students in accordance with their GPA.

At length, besides the thorough and meticulous system of education whirling within the compounds of Einstein Academy, it sure does not lack in E.C.A and competitive games.

The various programs at Einstein Academy are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

+2 Management

+2 Law

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

Ongoing Admission
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