Emerging Bachelor programs in Nepal

Bachelor in Development Studies: It is a four years undergraduate program offered by Kathmandu University and Pokhara University in Nepal. It is an interlink of political, economic and social studies and their contribution in development by knowing the complexities of economic growth within societies.
Bachelor in Development Finance: This is a four years undergraduate program that focuses on creating solutions and reforms to the challenges of banking, industries, and financial sectors of local and global environment to lead towards a sustainable development.
Bachelor in Social Science: This is a four years academic program run by Kathmandu University of Nepal. This program focus on contemporary Nepalese and global society’s dynamics. It paves a path for career in social organizations, research institutions and government organizations as social workers, social entrepreneurs and also as an independent researchers. 
Bachelor of Business Administration in Sports Management: It is a first of a king program in the Bachelor level offered by Gandaki University that provides applied knowledge in areas of sports marketing, event management, sports financial management, leadership and sports law largely looked after by Sports Managers and Proprietors.
Bachelor in Mobile Application development: This program is a popular program among IT students and are taught in Islington College and King’s College affiliated to London Metropolitan University and Westcliffe University California. This program helps to create software applications for mobile devices for computer programming and databases, application development for IOS, Android based mobile devices, cloud computing and internet of things.
Bachelor of Entrepreneurship Development: It is a four year undergraduate program of Pokhara University to provide entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to start up a business by assessment of new enterprise, market research, financial and business planning, modernizing women and minority entrepreneurs.
Bachelor in Professional hospitality: This is an innovative and high class professional hospitality education program by Kathmandu University School of Management. The Graduates of this program acquire cognitive, transferable skills along with knowledge and understanding of sectors such as Traveling, Food Service Management, Lodging Management, Event planners, travel attendants etc. It has three semesters of internship exposure besides the regular course of study.

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