Engineering Entrance Exam

The engineering entrance exam is the preliminary test taken by engineering institutions to choose capable prospective engineering students. If you are planning to pursue a career in engineering, then this is the gateway of your dreams. It is very essential to pass the engineering entrance exam to be eligible for enrollment into engineering colleges. Students can choose the available discipline of undergraduate engineering from a single engineering entrance exam, however, an additional exam is conducted for a bachelor in architecture. 

In Nepal, each university conducts its engineering entrance exam separately. Among them, the IOE entrance exam, and KUCAT CBT are popular entrance exams conducted at Tribhuvan and Kathmandu University respectively. Pokhara, Purbanchal, Midwestern, and Far Western University also have their own engineering entrance exams. KU engineering entrance exam and IOE entrance exam are computer-based exams. 

Benefits of Engineering Entrance Exam:

The engineering entrance exam in Nepal has an abundant amount of advantages. Completing the engineering entrance exam in Nepal not only helps you study this field but also provides you with great experience in handling pressure. Some of the other benefits of this entrance exam are as follows:

  1. An entrance exam helps you choose your dream faculty and college.

  2. A high rank in this exam makes you eligible for a scholarship(regular) in college and can help you get a hostel facility offered by the institute.

  3. Most students are awarded fascinating awards such as laptops and cash by various entrance preparation institutes after topping the entrance exam.

Engineering Entrance Exam Question format:

The questions of this exam are almost the same for different institutions. The major subject content revolves around physics, math, and chemistry. 

TU (IOE) Entrance Exam

KU Engineering Entrance exam

The full mark of this entrance exam is 140.

The total score for this exam is 2200.

Questions will be asked from mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English.

Questions will be asked from mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

A total of 100 questions will be asked where 60 questions will hold 1 mark and 40 questions will have the value of 2 marks. 

A total of 120 multiple-choice questions are asked and difficulty levels are divided into five parts.

Mathematics, physics, chemistry, and English hold a total of 50, 40,30, and 20 marks respectively.

The number of questions and total marks is equally divided among mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

  If you are interested in universities other than these two then you can contact respective institutions to learn more about this exam.

Eligibility criteria for Engineering Entrance Exam:

Certain student groups are only eligible to take this exam in Nepal. Some of the major eligibility criteria to attempt this exam in Nepal are as follows:

  1. Students must complete +2 from the science faculty with physics, math, and chemistry in the curriculum with an aggregate score of 50%.

  2. Students who have completed diplomas should have physics, math, chemistry, and English in their curriculum and must have scored at least 45%.

  3. Students should pay the entrance exam fee set by the institutions.

Preparation of Engineering Entrance Exam:

Engineering entrance exams differ from the normal exams. Students are not used to taking MCQ exams in their school life. Additionally, students are not familiar with the syllabus of those entrance exams. Students should visit the official site of the university to become familiar with the syllabus content of their entrance examinations. 

Many engineering entrance preparation institutes have been helping students score excellent marks in entrance exams at an affordable price. They create different modules for entrance preparations for droppers, freshers, and class 12 students. The time duration and costs of preparation can vary according to the type of students. The institution takes around 10 weeks to complete the syllabus of the entrance exam for freshers. Students can reach out to the institution in case they are having any difficulties related to the entrance exam

These institutes provide quality education through talented and qualified professionals. Additionally, they conduct regular model test examination exams similar to the main exam. This mock test helps the students to be used to MCQ-type exams and build up their time management capability. They offer heavy discounts based on your talents. In addition to that, these institutions help you meet and make friends with people having similar interests. These institutes provide their services on both the physical and virtual platforms. Some of the popular engineering entrance exam preparation centers are as follows:

  1. PEA

  2. SEA

  3. Ocean

  4. Clamphook

After Engineering Entrance Exam:

The result will be published between 2 to 4 weeks after the completion of the entrance exam. After the results are published you should choose colleges based on your rank. Be sure what the past cutoff rank is to study a discipline in a college. You can apply as a regular or full-fee student based on your rank. You have to pay a certain amount of money to select a faculty and college and if you want to apply to another college you have to pay an additional charge. Make sure you have kept the faculty of your choice as first priority followed by your second and third choice disciplines. After a few days, the respective college will publish the first list of students who are selected to enroll in a certain faculty and college and if the number of students is not fulfilled then the second list followed by the third and fourth lists are published. Students must not be hopeless if their name does not arrive on the first list, and be watchful for the second, third, and fourth lists. For BArch, you have to take an additional exam conducted by the respective college.

Colleges you can choose to study after Engineering Entrance Exam:

You have gained a good score in your entrance exam and now you have chosen a college to enroll in. Based on the rank gained in the entrance, you can only choose colleges associated with those universities. If you have gained a strong score in an examination conducted by the KU then you cannot choose a college associated with another university with that score.  Here is the list of colleges associated with different engineering entrance exams:

IOE entrance exam:

Public Engineering Colleges

Private Engineering Colleges

Pulchowk Campus

Lalitpur Engineering College

Thapathali Campus 

Sagarmatha Engineering College

Paschimanchal Campus 

Himalaya College of Engineering

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