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Everest Engineering and Management College (EEMC) is located in Sitapaila, Kathmandu, with better infrastructure and facilities. It was established in 2001 A.D. and is affiliated with Pokhara University (PU). EEMC has been standing out as a leading educational institution by providing better education to students and generating professional engineers. Generally, the EEMC is run by a group of motivated, enthusiastic young teams dedicated to providing remarkable education focusing on excellence in careers.

EEMC offers various programs at the graduate level in two specific streams:

Under the Management Stream:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration-Banking
  • Insurance (BBA-BI)

Under the engineering stream:

  • BE Civil,
  • BE Computer,
  • BE Information Technology.

Why Everest College ?

The major aim of EEMC is to generate high-quality professionals who can deal with the future needs of the nation as well as compete in international job markets. In the near future, the college aims to implement new and modern ways of learning approaches in both programs and also in basic sciences and humanities disciplines.

The college helps in the following ways:

  • To enhance the quality of engineers, technologists, professionals, and managers who can work at different positions and levels to serve several types of organizational needs successfully.
  • To establish a technically dynamic excellence center of the learning environment in the educational and training sectors.
  • To develop as a model institution that is willing to acquire knowledge and skills through innovative and interactive approaches.

Scholarships at Everest College

EEMC provides scholarship facilities for deserving students. The scholarship program can be based on college policy and affiliated university policies. So, to take part in a scholarship, the student should meet their various academic criteria, or the students are awarded scholarships by determining categories for Dalit, rural, privileged area, or female. The students will be awarded a scholarship program by evaluating the student percentage in each semester according to their performance.

The various programs at Everest College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

Are you interested to step ahead in banking and insurance sector? Well graduate in a specialized course called Bachelor of Business Administion in Banking and Insurance that gives specific knowledge related to banking and insurance. Graduate from Everest Engineering and Management College and get qualified to become a banker.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

If you are looking to graduate in Bachelor of Computer Engineering then join Everest Engineering and Management College. Browse to get informations related to the admission procedures, fee structures, eligibility criterias, and other general requirements. Also know more about the courses and college. 

Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Interested in electronics and communication? Study Bachelor of Electronics and Communication from Everest Engineering and Management College and get the opportunity to gain vocational training and skills to become a professional engineer. Browse to learn more details.

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