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Galaxy Public School

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Galaxy Public School is located at Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu. It was established in the year 1986 with an education level ranging from Kindergarten to SEE alongside plus two programs that specialize in Science and Commerce faculties.

This institution is run under the strict guidance Principal who enacts the role of head in the six-membered apex governing body. As far as the authority goes, Principal Ms. Geeta Cheetri is solely responsible for appointing the staff, implementing exams, practicing varieties of curriculum, and ensuring the expectations weighed upon the school by the relevant parents and respective society. Moreover, the teaching and learning curve is drawn together with a focus on adherence to discipline and a well-maintained orderly atmosphere.

To add to it, the principal of Galaxy Public may be the apex in constructing an issue-free governing body but it is with the help of head teachers, this institution has implemented the system that drives talent and skill out of students. It has several wings into which they are divided—starting from Kindergarten to Primary to secondary to Higher Secondary School. Each of those wings is assigned to a separate head teacher so that the management of every section is as productive as the other. Besides that, individuals with respective skills are also viable as Head of the Science & Technology Department, the Arts and Sports Department, and the Social Service Department. Likewise, The Maintenance Department, The Transport Department, and the Hostels & Dormitories have separate individuals who are fit to supervise their concerned departments.

At length, Galaxy School has hardly any absence when it comes to available highly-trained manpower.

Why Galaxy Public School ?

Galaxy Public follows the philosophy of great democratic minds in history and tries to motivate the same amount of prowess in the teachers. The tutors inside the compound are encouraged to harness their creativity and augment the learning process by using any innovative or rational means they see fit.

On the same note, it tempts the teachers to promote democratic freedom in their teaching methods which will ultimately meet with the vision of offering Innovative quality education for all.

Scholarships at Galaxy Public School

Galaxy Public School regards quality education as a tool that every student shall possess in their toolkit. Keeping such a notion in mind. Scholarship programs have been launched to solely benefit the deemed student in their academic endeavors. Separating the brilliant students from the mass like curd from milk has been a mission of Galaxy Public School. Therefore, it has provided various scholarship opportunities to the underprivileged, marginalized students for decades and vows to do so decade hence.

Additionally, galaxy public provides scholarships more apparent to students from Grade Nine to XII.

In a nutshell, Galaxy Public School has an affiliation with the NEB board that allows the opportunity for their pupils who have passed the SEE examination to further their education. Science, Commerce, and Humanities are the streams that students can currently enroll in.

The various programs at Galaxy Public School are as follows:

+2 Science