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Ganeshman Singh Multiple Campus was established in the year 2064, in the loving memory of the late personified democratic leader—Ganeshman Singh. The campus is also a huge sentimental tribute to the historical people’s movement of 2063–2064 and offers quality education to students regardless of their creeds, race, gender, community, and linguistic background.

Situated in Kalanki, Kathmandu, GMS is an educational institution that provides higher education at an affordable price. The campus is the outcome of sheer enthusiasm and popular belief in the need for high academic excellence and the lack of the best educational techniques.

With the aim of encouraging the utmost innovative character and creative outlook in the students, GMS offers sharp, pragmatic teaching, adequate training, and research opportunities in the areas of management and the humanities. Moreover, the main principle of the GMS is to inculcate the students with an education that will mold them into a social structure—as morally, as traditionally, as culturally, and as academically as possible.

Additionally, the success of Bachelor programs has ignited the spark of willingness to indulge in launching Plus +2 programs. At length, GMS now offers bachelor-level and +2-level courses at an affordable price.


The primary goal of GMS is to professionalize education at its peak, ensuring students are competent enough to share the values, ideals, and responsibility of studying with the common people. And in order to ensure that goal, GMS installs positive mettle and attitude and motivates craftiness and confidence in their students. Likewise, GMS aims to implant a stout psychology in their pupils, which will allow students to not only attain academic brilliance but also act as responsible members of their respective societies.


GMS is keen on enforcing strict discipline, as they view it as a necessity when it comes to academic ventures. Trusting those ideals, GMS has persistently enforced the code of conduct that they believe will help students morph into remarkable individuals.

As it has been said, cleanliness is next to godliness. GMS believes students should enter the premises of the campus in a clean and neat uniform within a given time frame and no later. Also, students are required to have a minimum of 75 percent attendance in order to appear in the board examination. At length, students who damage campus property will pay the following compensation: And the promotion of political agendas is outright banned, and any of such acts will result in severe punishment.

Scholarships at Ganeshman Singh Campus

Scholarship opportunities are evident to the educated who perform remarkably in their academic results. As well as scholarship programs are made available to students belonging to marginalized groups of community or poor families.


The most notable features and facilities that GMS has to offer are the ambiguous nature of their teaching methodology, which promotes curiosity as much as good education. Not only that, the classrooms at GMS are packed with sophisticated desks, benches, and a library with more than 1200 volumes of books. Furthermore, at the outskirts of the classroom, at this instance, the compounds roll wide, horizontally, and vertically before your eyes. As a matter of fact, the environment is mostly serene and peaceful without politics taking center stage in the drama. E.C.A., counseling, educational tours, a reasonable fee structure, monthly parent-teacher conferences, and splendid board exam results are the most salient features that make GMS one of the top-notch colleges in the Kathmandu Valley.

The various programs at Ganeshman Singh Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

+2 Humanities

+2 Education

+2 Management

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