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Gaurigung Campus

Contact Information

Phone: 01-977-23-620439 | Email:

Gaurigung Campus is located at Gaurigung, Jhapa, Nepal which lies in between Nepal and India border. This is the community based campus which provides affordable and quality education in a sound environment with good infrastructure and resources. Gaurigung Campus has been approved by University Grants Commission and the academic programs offered are Plus2 programs in Management and Education of National Examinations Board and Bachelor programs of Tribhuvan University namely Bachelor of Business Studies and Bachelor of Education programs. Gaurigung Campus have proper student to faculty ratio and each students benefits from the facilities which the Campus provides while studying here. It offers scholarship to needy students according to merit and focuses on academic as well as personal development of students with life related skills through quality and productive education by this Campus. It also provides well rounded and equipped facilities to students to support their academic learning and welfare. 


The facilities offered by Gaurigung Multiple Campus are:
  • Library
  • canteen
  • classrooms
  • counseling
  • Scholarship
  • Sports
  • Auditorium
  • Parking

Why Gaurigung Campus

The teaching methodologies of Gaurigung College are based on pedagogy of the academic programs:

  • Class lectures
  • Group projects
  • Home Assignments
  • Case Study
  • Presentation
  • Seminar
  • Education tour
  • Practical work
  • Curricular activity

Scholarships at Gaurigung Campus

Scholarship offered by Gaurigung Multiple Campus are need cum merit basis

The various programs at Gaurigung Campus are as follows: