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  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
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  • +2 Humanities

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Gomendra Multiple Campus is situated in Birtamode, the center of Jhapa district. It is one kilometer south of Birtamode on the way to Bhadrapur. Gomendra Multiple Campus was established in 2053 BS with a motive of providing quality education at a minimum cost to the young generation. Currently, the campus offers ten-plus two (10+2) affiliated with the National Examination Board (NEB) and Bachelor level affiliated with Purbanchal University (PU).

In the context of Nepal, the current period is the phase of Information Technology which is also an important part for the development of the country. More than that, the educational policy of Nepal Government also draws attention towards the need for Technical Education. Hence, keeping in mind the principle of Nepal Government policy and the need of the twenty-first century, Gomendra Multiple Campus has first discovered to introduce IT education for the first time in Eastern Nepal. The campus runs with the same spirit to provide varieties of course under the single roof to meet the students and the need of the nation.

Gomendra Multiple College

Why Gomendra College ?

Gomendra Multiple Campus  has been benchmarked as one the best education institution around Jhapa district .They have the best faculty and senior team who are highly dedicated in teaching, distribute knowledge and provide best practices so that they can give a solid foundation for learning. They have highly qualified and experienced teachers and lecturers to offer the quality education to the students. Gomendra Multiple Campus has provided the affordable price for those students who want to continue their career in this academic course.

Academic Programs at Gomendra College

Bachelor of Business Administration

The four-year academic program, Bachelor of Business Administration offered at Gomendra Multiple Campus is affiliated to Purbanchal University and it intends to provide a thorough understanding of various aspects of a business. The program equips students with conceptual, analytical, leadership and communication skills. Students with +2 degree in business/commerce are eligible to apply for this program.

Bachelor of Computer Application

The four-year academic program, Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) offered at Gomendra Multiple Campus is affiliated to Purbanchal University.

+2 Management

The two-year program offered under the National Examination Board (NEB) is designed to provide students with a solid grounding in management studies. It is a stepping stone for higher level education in the field of management. Students chasing after this program should study subjects such as accounting, English, and Economics.

+2 Humanities

The two-year program offered under the National Examination Board (NEB) is designed to provide the foundation level education for those students who want to pursue their further studies in courses like English, Journalism, Communication, and others.

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