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Established in 1998 (2055 B.S.), with the affiliation of the Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Gyanodaya College rose to the occasion and started its bachelor's wing with this name. Ever ready with the service for the students of Nepal, she was not found wanting when the call came to meet the educational needs of the country going beyond the +2 level. The institute was established with the dream and vision to educate and provide knowledge to the young minds of Nepal and set the path for the nation toward development, as it has the motto “Awaken in Truth and Wisdom.” Gyanodaya College is a student-oriented institution where the college team provides a motivated and practical academic experience that encourages the student for his or her overall integrated enhancement and development of personality. A one-on-one relationship with the faculty allows the students the opportunity to be active participants in a wide variety of activities.

The Gyanodaya College currently runs a 4-year management program, i.e., a bachelor's degree in business studies (BBS). Focusing on the future enhancement of the service quality of its existing graduate program in management, this institute foresees adding a few more graduate programs in other disciplines shortly before undertaking to involve Master's level programs in management, science, IT (information technology), and other emerging allied disciplines.


  • Info-Tech (a well-equipped computer lab with high-tech communication facilities like free unlimited internet browsing and electronic mailing, etc.) Telephones, faxes, and photocopying facilities are also available in the compound, and all the peer computers are connected via the UNIX and Windows NT servers.
  • Library (Gyanodaya maintains a huge collection of text and reference books from school to intermediate level)
  • Audio-visual center (capacity for 50 students, well equipped with TV, overhead projectors, slide projectors, videos, tape recorders, etc. for the supplementary study lectures.)
  • Cafeteria (a rooftop canteen facility with a hygienic and wholesome foot at affordable pricing that serves lunch, light refreshments, beverages, and clean and safe drinking water)
  • Transportation facility (runs a fleet of buses numerous times during working days to carry and drop off the students; the transport network serves all the major locations within, around, and beside the ring road in the valley and also in the city.) are provided by Gyonadaya College.
  • Sports facilities such as full-size football fields, basketball volleyball, tennis, and badminton courts, a cricket pitch, and a swimming pool.
  • Auditorium (a multi-purpose gym and auditorium stand at the residential school compound).
  • Medical unit (a fully functional medical unit under the care of a qualified doctor assisted by medical professionals at Gyanodaya).
  • Exchange Programs (link overseas to Scotland, from where teachers and volunteers come and work with the college team for the development of the students).
  • Moksh and Lasson (they are Gyanodaya's two restaurants, which serve as the practical laboratory for the hotel management students).

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The various programs at Gyanodaya College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

If you want to take yourself in a higher position in the business field, join Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS). Graduating in this program from Gyanodaya College will lead you even further and boost up your skills making you capable of dealing with the people in this field. Read more to achieve bachelor's degree from our college.

+2 Management

+2 Science