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Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus

Contact Information

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Situated in Birgunj, Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus was established in 2038 BS. The college shares a prime concern for academic excellence and the qualification of talented individuals. Hari Khetan Bahumukhi has been one of the most promising and well-established colleges in the following region. They keep good relations with their students, creating a comfortable and caring environment around them. The vision and mission of this college are to provide quality education under proper conditions and rural demands.

Principal Message

Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus was established in 2038 BS. This multidisciplinary institution, situated in the heart of Birgunj City, Nepal, is both spacious and excellent in reputation. It trends to be at the forefront of learning, teaching, and enhancing its excellence as an institution of higher education, with the most outstanding teaching activities, so as to produce bona fide graduates with lifelong abilities to provide leadership within societies.

Why Hari Khetan Campus ?

Well-experienced faculty members are assigned by the college in a way to provide quality education to those students who wish to learn lots of things and have a dream to achieve wonders in their lives. Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus offers science faculty for the hardworking individuals who wish to have a career in the technical field, commerce faculty for the students who wish to make a career in the sector of banking and finance, and at last, the college also offers the arts faculty for the creative group of people who find their interest in the beauty of nature and pictures. Hari Khetan Bahumukhi also provides education regarding MBA programs, which include sociology and rural development courses, and also offers bachelor-level programs for undergraduates passed out of the +2 faculty.


There are significant facilities at the Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus. They organize seminars and other programs respecting the faculty members who have given precious time of their lives to providing education and also rewarding the hardworking students who have accomplished wonders in the examinations held by the institution. There are remedial classes organized by the college where they learn about various things related to study that they are confused about and also teach others what knowledge they have regarding the respective subject.

Additional Information

Admission forms are available at the Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus or on the official website, where students can fill out their personal information and apply for the entrance test. They must have passed the LC examination with at least 40% aggregate. After the successful submission of the form, an entrance test is taken for the applicants, and then the examiners who have passed the entrance exam will be called for interviews by our staff members, and then the deserving candidates get admitted to the college.

The various programs at Hari Khetan Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Enable yourself to specialize academically in education by studying Bachelor of Business Studies(BBS) at Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus and explore your grasp in the field of BBS and know more on details about this college and it;s scope.

Bachelor of Laws

Planning to pursue your career in Bachelor of Laws and wants to sharpen your grasp in the department of Law. Then be a part of Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus to enhance your skills in the field of law.

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

B.Sc is a four-year course designed to provide the student with all sorts of knowledge in the field of Information Technology and Computing. Gain an extensive knowledge at Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus and achieve the benefit of studying in a supportive environment. To have more knowledge browse the link.

BSc Environmental Science

Are you looking forward to knowing more about B.Sc Environmental Science and wants to explore more about this field then annexe Hari Khetan Bahumukhi to have detail description of this course. 

BSc Microbiology

Are you interested in stepping ahead in microbiology and wants to have an advanced knowledge in this field? Then you can look at Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus which provides you sustainable environment for studying and pursuing your career. 

Master of Business Studies

Harikhetan Multiple Campus offers two years program of Tribhuvan University to be able to function as managers in every business and profit yielding organizational sectors through knowledge and skills of environment in business locally and globally along with entrepreneurial, research skills in business areas.

MA English

Are you willing to strive for a career in the field of MA English? Then Hari Khetan Bahumukhi Campus is open for your entrance with different facilities of academic and much more. Come and join us by the deadline mentioned in the link.

BSc General

Bachelor of Science General four years program of Hari Khetan Multiple Campus is affiliated to Tribhuvan University. This program provides knowledge of applied areas of general sciences with mathematics, research methodology, project work/ field work and interdisciplinary courses from this program.

Bachelor of Education

MSc Microbiology

Master in Sociology / Anthropology

+2 Humanities

+2 Science