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Hetauda Campus

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Hetauda Campus is a community college that is affiliated with Tribhuvan University. It is located in Hetauda, Makwanpur, which is really a beautiful city, and the beauty of the place where the institution lies is very mesmerizing. The greenery nearby and the cool climate make this campus the best place to study and obtain knowledge. Where there is natural beauty, there is positivity and optimism, the mind gets very refreshed and energized, and there is enlightenment of wisdom.

Hetauda Campus runs B.Ed. and M.Ed. programs and is affordable. The fee structure is very minimal, and anyone willing to get a higher education in the education sector and have a dream of becoming a teacher in the future can pursue their studies at this institution. As only bachelors and masters in education are taught here, overall ideas regarding teaching are delivered effectively. In addition to classroom activities, students are also provided with useful training, guidance, and mentorship regarding teaching and related fields. Since Hetauda Campus is a public campus, the government bears prime responsibility for the college's infrastructure, library, and sports facilities. On Hetauda Campus, you can enjoy the refreshing environment, get the very important lectures of teachers simultaneously, and be encouraged to do well in the dream profession of the future because of the like-minded people around you.

Why Hetauda Campus ?

Unlike private colleges, where you get limited facilities and moderate infrastructure, this is a community college, so the government has invested very adequately in different sectors, ranging from infrastructure to sports, to produce highly efficient teachers in the country. Since Hetauda is a beautiful city with a diverse culture, students who have come from other places have a good chance of understanding the place, enjoying its beauty, and receiving an education. Another important factor is its fee. The fee is very moderate and affordable for the poor, and it is more service-oriented than profit-oriented.

The lecturers and professors are very qualified, have long experience in this field, and can guide students to their destiny. Unlike other colleges where there are different subjects to study, there are B.Ed. and M.Ed. only on Hetauda Campus, so students, teachers, and administration can be focused on one area and use their efforts to bring continuous improvement in one sector. The environment is very vital for students mental setup. Here, everywhere there is a teaching environment, you can see your friend talking about schools, his teaching experience, and his vision regarding education reform. This kind of discussion can bring good vibes to the listener, and he can be committed to doing good in his life.

The various programs at Hetauda Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

If your area of interest is business and want to make a career in the sector of business and management. Study Bachelor of Business Administration at Hetauda Campus. Browse the given link to know what qualities and career opportunities BBA program provides.

Bachelor of Information Management

Hetauda Campus provides in-depth knowledge of information technology and at the same time provides basic management education as well. Click the above link to get more information regarding this course and career opportunity BIM program possess.

BSc in Forestry