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Hillside College of Engineering is affiliated with Purbanchal University and was established in 2012 AD. It is located in Balkumari, Koteshwor, Kathmandu, making it easily accessible to students. Hillside College was founded with the sole aim of addressing the higher education needs of the country. At Hillside College, Bachelor's level courses in Civil and Electrical Engineering are offered. The primary objective of these courses is to produce technically competent graduates. The institution focuses on providing research-based education to ensure students gain practical knowledge. It serves as a stepping stone for students to reach their desired destinations.

Hillside College offers degrees in Civil and Electrical Engineering.


The main objectives of Hillside College are as follows:

  • To establish a strong educational foundation in the field of engineering by fostering creative thinking, self-motivated learning, and promoting a research-oriented environment.
  • To produce highly skilled, competent, and confident professionals capable of facing the challenges of the world and meeting its demands.
  • To cultivate a collaborative community that excels in learning, innovation, discovery, and knowledge transfer.
  • To prepare technically qualified professionals who are socially committed through the inclusion of relevant courses.

Why Hillside College Of Engineering ?

Hillside College stands out among other institutions due to the following reasons:

  • Hillside College has a vision to achieve the highest levels of excellence in providing Engineering Education and Technical Research.
  • To achieve this vision, the mission of this institution is to boost the national development process by creating the center of excellence in Engineering Education and Technical Research which can meet societal and national needs.


The facilities provided by Hillside College are as follows:

  • Well equipped laboratories
  • Highly experienced and well-qualified team of faculty members
  • Modern teaching technology
  • Research-based institute
  • Practical based education
  • First institute to start a course in Electrical Engineering
  • Career counseling and job placement for graduating students
  • Scholarship for students as per the rule set by the institution
  • Convenient location

The various programs at Hillside College Of Engineering are as follows:

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil

Study Bachelor of Engineering in Civil and get the opportunity to contribute to developing and improving various infrastructures and serving the nation. Read more about this course and the reasons to join Hillside College of Engineering for this program.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Hillside College of Engineering provides the program, Bachelor of Electrical Engineering that gives an extensive knowledge in electricity, it's application and various other aspects.If you are interested in building a successful career in this field then go through the given link.

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